Hero High: Joker Daughter Picture

Hero high is the school described here

And...Forget the EVAH rip off that it was, I 'll keep characters and roles, but not tempers, I think!
President Luthor created among others things an agency (Suicide squads) of "metahumans" chasers, and super heroes were explicitly tracked as public enemies during his mandate. Main while, the compulsory identification led to civil war among heroes. When President Luthor was sent to jail, the mess ended and super heroes could keep their civilian identity secret again under the condition their kids would be especially looked after, in a special school. Francine Xavier, present day headmistress of Xavier institute, extended the concept to not only mutants children but also any metahuman, or human with a hero training kids-good or bad.
A mysterious man called Grimm gave her a closed comics book and told her it was vital for her school, and it will only opened on her pupils "Legacy day". Not sure to understand what it meant, Headmistress Xavier keeps it (so she is actually more of the Bloodgood kind, I think.) Similarly, I'll keep Laura Kent with Apple White popularity, but she'll don't have her selfishness (Can you picture a Superman related person as selfish? Seriously?) Next time, I think she will on the contrary stand with Lena against destiny...


Don't let the blond tips fool you, her hair isn't dyed! Yeah, she was born with (genetics messed up with chemicals?) . So in civilian, she have to wear a wig (but I don't think she carries her mallet those days, though...). This appearance in that case is much based on her mother's, due to her father's remain unknown, (his name too, that's why Jo have her mother maiden name .) and the pigtails remains of her too. She better have taken the look from the mother anyway; the concept of "doing a cute girl based on someone pretty ugly" from Monster High was tricky here...You know, the grinny gargoyle thing...

As I've already stated she's not disfigured and simply wears the iconic heavy lipstick on Legacy day. The rest of the time, it's lighter, I simply added a mark around one eye reminding of Babette, Darph Bobo's daughter in Tripping the rift (another monster clown daughter, make perfect sense.)

Edit: And I swear I've never seen what her mother looked like in Gotham city impostors before designing Jo. There is no hundreds ways of doing her, however... I've also recently learned the existence of Earth 9 and gender bent Joker, but it's very close in the spirit.

I thought by gave her mismatched eyes, but she is already pretty much mismatched everywhere. I think she have a kind of "bag of holding" capacity, having as much gizmos in the pockets than the Mask at 2:07. Her weapon is a synthesis, the mallet but still with a "bang" sign. And still a joybuzzer, but turned away from the original direction and having a taser function rather than a lethal, don't do much arm. (edit: recently someone made a dress quite close to hers!)

Well, actually...she's pretty harmless, you can tell it from the description I think. She is a kind of cloudcuckoolander for sure (like Maddie Hatter or Pinkie Pie) but as she wasn't around her parents since the age of 7, she wasn't quite influenced.

Edit: It's often the case when Joker have a daughter. When it's a son, on the other hand...(this is a 1960's Alfred's fanfic).

A good proof is, while hyenas tended to be favored in the family, she have a as entertaining but most innocent pet (yes, its name is a mythology gag.). Actually in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, on Earth-3 (the universe with reversed moral alignments), the Jester also owned a marmoset, and he was, too, a heroic Joker.
In the comics about Earth-3, heroic Joker is called the Jokester. And he had a daughter called Duela because her mother was a female Two-face (no, really). As far as I know she showed up in our world pretending to be Two-face, or Riddler, or Joker's daughter before she admitted being the Jokester's. She also joined the Teen Titans as an atoner, under the hero name of Harlequin. Interestingly enough, on Earth-3 Batman is a criminal known as Owlman, and his Robin is called Talon.
Well, Duela was dating Talon, ironically! Her dad was not happy about it. And by now Duela is dead, I think...Or a downright, ugly villain, except she's an impostor (and also dead anyway).

Edit: But thanks to reblogging, I’ve learned that a regular’s Joker daughter is a possibility, at last in Injustice verse.

Here, she wasn’t lucky enough to be raised by someone else…

She won't admit that her real embarrassing flaw is to being clumsy to epic proportions.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Mistah B. is Brad Wayne, son of Batman. Due to her mixed feelings about him, it's hard to tell if the feud is going to start again. He's not the only one to have such a pet name, Jo is a nicknamer champion.

She's also a kind of a Stepford smiler, for a reason explained in "Best buddy and ally." She does not ignore her father's most heinous crimes, but she prefers to not read about the details, like Lena did (and that's why the latter is that depressed). Her loony attitude protect her from guiltiness-trying not to think too hard about it.

Edit: Oh my, such Harlequin themed vilainesses that I not even knew about before doing that! This one is a Golden age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) foe, but just to have his attention- they eventually get married. Batman is often mocked for that but I guess falling for super villainesses is more a Lantern trait.

Here is her doll.
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