Age of Mythology TRL - Cataphract Picture

As of the release of Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, this unit is no longer available to the Roman civilization. It has since been replaced with the cavalry unit Celeres:…

Cataphract (cavalry)

The Cataphract is slower than most cavalry units but is also heavily armored and effective at taking down archers and siege weapons. They also take up less population than most cavalry units in AoM and train faster than the Greek Hippikon. Due to their armor, they are noticeably noisy when moving, making metallic sounds similar to the Automaton.

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Strong against: Archers
Weak against:


40 food 50 gold
Hack Damage:
x1.75 vs archers
x1.1 vs throwing axemen
x1.25 vs siege weapons

Hitpoints: 115
Hack Armor: 10%
Pierce Armor: 40%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.5 meters/second
Line of Sight: 8 meters
Training Time: 9 seconds


Worship Neptune to gain these bonuses:

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