My Little Avengers: Trixi Picture

Since I took care of the heroes of My Little Avengers, I decided to go through with some other MLP concepts. First off, Trixie as Loki. I believe this fits quite well. Loki and Trixie are both egotistic, loves to flaunt to the crowd...seems to enjoy demeaning others...and trick everyone around them.

Now, letting all of you know, I do NOT hate Trixie in any way, so there will be no tollerance of "Trixie isn't like that" blah blah blah. Now, anyway, back to the artwork.

It was tough trying to get the outfit right on her, I find working with long coats on ponies very difficult. But I think it turned out alright here. Here's to the Goddess of Trickery.

Trixie and MLP: FiM (c) by Hasbro

Loki (c) by Marvel
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