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A Designated Hero is a character who the story is sure that they are the forces of good and that they are the people you should be rooting for. However when you stop and look at there actions they look more like the villains. As one would expect these characters are often hard to sympathize with.

Note this trope is about characters who act like anti heroes at best, villains at worst. Characters who are recognized as anti heroes don't qualify.

The flip side is known as Designed Villain


The title character of Johnny Test.

As beloved as they are, the Animaniacs are this.

depending on the writer Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry often ends up as one with Tom being the design villain. How ever this is not always the case. In fact there are a few episodes where Tom is clearly the instigator and manages to have the last laugh.

Parodied in The Simpsons with The Itchy & Scratchy Show; most of the time Scratchy is doing nothing wrong and Itchy brutally butchers or beats him for no reason.

Pretty much all the "heroes" of Classical Mythology lack any of what modern viewers would consider heroic traits. 

The Greek Gods come a cross as childish spoiled brats to most viewers.

Zeus especially who is both a rapist and a massive hypocrite. He's a massive jerk at best a psychopathic manchild tyrant at worst.

Achilles is not only this for modern audiences but also medieval ones.

Bella Swan from Twilight. Also Edward Cullen. In fact the Cullen's in general.

Sam from iCarly.

Puma Man. Is incidentally the god of this. Though its more to do with being useless then ambiguously evil.

The main character of Jurassic Park Lost World (with the possible exclusion of Ian Malcolm who just wants to get off the Island. Though even then he still might qualify.) They are responsible for almost every death in the entire movie (albeit indirectly.)

For many Star Wars fan Anakin Skywalkers one. Between all the whining, and inflated ego it not really any wonder this guy fell to the Dark side. However the CGI Star War the Clone Wars cartoon trys very hard to advert this trope. It dose a pretty good job at it.

Danny Zuko in Grease is sexist, self-centered, distant and an all-round horrible boyfriend.

Patroklos from Soul Calibur V. He claims to be fighting For Great Justice when really he's a self-absorbed, cocky, naive, ungrateful, revenge-seeking, racist jerkass who just wants to find his sister Pyrrha and kill all Malfested who are unfortunate enough to be standing in his path. His Establishing Character Moment is killing an innocent bystander simply because he believed this poor guy was a Malfested.

Depending on the writer any comic book character can be this thanks to the jerkass ball's and idiot plots being thrown around.

Batman in All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (aka Crazy Steve.)

The Teen Titans Go! Derails the Titans into this. It got so bad that it landed all five of them on The Villains Wiki (Which is for villains)

The title characters of Codename Kids Next Door in the early episodes

Kevin in Ed Edd and Eddy. While originally some what of a hero antagonist. He become more and more of a jerk and crossed over into bully territory.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Depending on the Writer, is occasionally thrown the Idiot Ball and/or Jerkass Ball.

Also Mr. Krabs. It used to be that he was a bit greedy, but eventually he became Flanderized to the point of psychotically spending a full episode trying to get a single penny from SpongeBob.

Also Patrick post-Flanderization. He has a deep Lack OF Empathy for others, views objects more important than his friends, seems to take delight tormenting his supposed best friend, and he does things that anyone knows will not help so he could watch them fail for his own amusment. And it's implied that he's been feigning his stupidity (or how dumb he really has become) solely to torment SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary. And he's supposed to be SpongeBob's best friend.

Fin in Adventure Time Depending on the episode. Also Princess Bubblegum comes across as this.

The main character's of the abomination of a webcomic known as Sonichu. Especially it creators author avatar.

Very common in bad fanfiction. especially if there any Draco In Leather Pantsing going on.
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