Dial H for Hero Revamp Picture

My Official Entry into the Dc Fifty-Too!

I'd love to re-invent the Dial H for Hero concept as a spooky mystery-adventure series, rather than a super-hero series. With that in mind, Chris and Vicki would transform into various creatures of myth for their hourly H-dialing. It would be a ground-up approach, where the teen protagonists fight creepy-crawly menaces in the New England town of Fairfax. I'd also introduce some recurring allies, adversaries and mysterious persons whose true allegiances are in question. Little by little, we'd reveal the secret mythology of the H Dials, dating back through Fairfax' strange history.

Here's a fun sample solicit:

Dial H For Hero #1
Written by Bill Walko • Art by Bill Walko
On sale SEPTEMBER • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
In the sleepy town of Fairfax, Maine, mystery and adventure await two unsuspecting teenagers.On a dare, Chris King and Vicki Grant brave a haunted house to discover a pair of mystical "H Dials." The duo quickly learn the awesome powers these talismans wield, and set out to unravel the secrets behind their origins. But Chris, Vicki and their friends soon discover that these secrets are being protected by a powerful force - and the gang may have dialed up more danger than they ever imagined!
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