Kaiotic Deities - A Family Tree Picture


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Separated names mean unnamed birth/immortalization. Asare and Lady Alicia were able to give birth to two generations before Asare died. The ones right of the first generation are the Everlasting.

• Asare (Ah-SAH-Ray)
The God Supreme. He was born as one of the first two beings in existence. Asare sits atop a high throne in The Heavens until he is murdered by the demon Cryo. His heart was stored inside of a sword known as the Kaiser blade.

• Lady Alicia (Ah-LEE-See-Ah)
The Goddess Supreme. She was born alongside God in primordial times. Lady Alicia defines feminism and royalty at its finest. She is the epitome of queenliness, but also governs with a stern look in her eyes. She is the overall ruler of The Heavens currently. Lady Alicia commands the Deva Angels, who run multiple tasks for her and the Heavens. At times of distress or war they guard the four pillars of Heaven which secure it to the Earth.:
- Helios, Angel of the Soul. Helios is charged with guarding the Princess of Dale.
- Kiramei, Angel of the Heart. Kiramei is charged with relaying messages to humans and is always seen by Lady Alicia's side.
- Gwendolyn, Angel of the Body. Gwendolyn is charged with relaying messages to the Underworld and Hell.
- Tenshakki, Angel of the Mind. She guards the borders of Heaven, Hell, and the Underworld.

• Lita (Lee-tah)
The Watcher. While not noted as a goddess, Lita is a very prominent one. Lita is the personification of the universe. She doesn't mingle in affairs of gods and creatures, but rather watches. She is depicted as a sitting maiden with a long dress that turns into the universe below her. Her skin is pitch black and her eyes glowing white stars. Her hair bares resemblance to the dusts of space and she is always shown holding a staff that spirals out at the top, holding a small star inside. Her hair flows into stardust far behind her. She is rarely ever seen in person and is only contacted by the gods if they have not witnessed something, as she sees all. Her modern name is Morrigan after the Celtic goddess, most likely because she is black like a crow, but the two have no relation. She is easily compared to Heimdall of Norse mythology. Formelss state is completely black with stars inside of her body.

• Virmorillious (Veer-more-ill-ee-us)
The Dealer. Also not noted like Lita, though out of fear. Virmorillious is the deity in charge of applying and removing traits and punishments to all things living and not. He rarely interacts with gods or mortals and is often pictured next to Lita. He is depicted as a tall man with a triangular figure. He has a circular white mask with a central eye surrounded by black and glowing many colors. Around his head are five pointed spikes of black and his hair is long and white. His hair becomes thick braids ending in ornaments. The braids twirl into and out of the arms, body, and robes. His body is a black-rust colored robe with long sleeves and a long dress-part ending in rips and tatters. He has a scarf of sorts of the same color, but a twirling DNA-pattern of gold going down the length of it. His hands are fleshy and inhuman. He is depicted with multiple arms each holding blank mirrors, as mortals are not able to see his work. Formless state is a dark rust color with the gold DNA-patterns present.

• Amonious (Uh-MOH-Nee-Uss)
God of the Past. Amonious watches what once was and teaches about past mistakes. He wears nothing around his torso, but has a grey cape around his waist with a striking red ribbon hanging at its side. Amonious holds his right arm outward when reaching to the past. His hair flares in many directions from his head. Formless state is grey with red ribbon.

• Terminous (TER-mi-nuss)
God of the Future. Terminous learns what is to be and prepares for the future, which he cannot change. He wears a grey robe with blue lines all over it, which glow when using any abilities. The robe has blue patterns of light scattered across it. Terminous holds his left arm outward when reaching to the future. He has hair that is tied down in a long ponytail. Formless state is light grey with blue patterns.

• Oa (Oh-ah)
God of Sight. Oa himself is blind, deaf, mute, all because he gave his senses to the humans instead. Oa's body is blue with black leather covering most of it. He uses others around him to convey messages. Formless state is black with blue outlined.

• Kcthanagarathos (Kuh-ta-na-guh-RAH-thoss)
God of Alignment. Kcthanagarathos manifests as a dark-red beast writhing with tentacles and many eyes. It watches over the Fountain of Immortality at all 100 doors to make sure no one gets in without permission. It is also a source of great power, and the father of all tempora demons. Kcthanagarathos is also represented as a swirling purple vortex with a large central eye and multiple other eyes floating. He is of pure darkness and not to be trusted. Formless state is dark red with eyes shown.

• Irillis (EYE-rih-luss)
Goddess of Light. Irillis produces the light we see each day by patting the sun. She has tanned skin and long brown hair, which is tied at the very tip. Her robes are bright white and under them are a myriad of colors. Irillis is the source of magic in the world as well. She was the first one to practice witchcraft in its purest form, but its magic was later tainted for evil use. She is modernized as the goddess Iris. Formless state is pure white.

• Volvox (VOLL-vocks)
Smith of the Gods. Volvox is a beastly demon in charge of guarding the Kaiser blade, which holds God's heart. He is large and rotund, but all of his limbs come to a point for the most part. Volvox is also the patron god in charge of forging weapons, and can be compared to a modern day Hephaestos of Greek mythology. He is adorned with lots of silver. Formless state is silver with glowing eyes.

• Ak'ua (AH-kyoo-ah)
Spirit of Wonder. Ak'ua was born from the mystery of God's thoughts. Ak'ua is a light-blue skinned elf creature. A hole on his back produces amazing displays of light which can form ribbons, feathers, and much more. Ak'ua typically wears a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up on his elbows that is navy blue. He wears worn jeans to match, and white sneakers. In the winter time he grows white fur around the neck of the hoodie and produces ice crystals from his back. This gives him the reputation of Jack Frost. Formless state is sky blue with his back still spraying colors.

• Cryo (KRY-oh)
God of Realms. Cryo is not a true god, but he drank from the Fountain of Youth and so became one. Cryo was born from the green band of the rainbow with a black body, and later came to destroy The Heavens. He is the demonic god of realms, which he himself creates portals to. Cryo forged his own gems containing major aspects of the universe and placed them in his Witchblade of gold. It is blasphemous to speak his name in a Kaiotic temple. Formless state is black with green fire on his arms.

• Disgrace
The Blackened One. Disgrace was born from the violet band of the rainbow, long after Cryo. Disgrace's body is completely black, save for a mane of black hair, white eyes, and a row of sharp teeth that gleam. He is responsible for the evils of the world. Whatever his hands touch become black and infected, which is the reason why the Dark Heart exists. He dines on emotion and life energy by either staying near the victim, touching the victim, or performing sexual intercourse under a guise. Formless state is pitch black.

• Phocylus (Fah-SILL-uss)
God of Culture. Phocylus taught the Vards how to create and keep their culture alive. He knows of all cultures around the world, so he can also be considered a god of knowledge, as well as a sun deity. Phocylus wears a mask and has peach colored hair. He is modernized as Phobos. Formless state is peach with mask holes glowing.
His shadow manifests as a mirror version of him named Fear, the God of Fright. Formless state is dark orange with fire glowing.

• Deicolus (DAY-soh-luss)
God of Physique. Deicolus makes sure all humans are made correctly. The ones that he does not inspect properly are where we get deformities. His skin is bright red. He is a symbol of masculinity. He is modernized as Deimos. Formless state is dark red with black hair.
His shadow manifests as a mirror version of him named Terror, the God of Nightmares. Formless state is dark blue with eyes showing.

• Pelazzari (Peh-lah-ZARR-ee)
God of Eqilibrium. With his many arms, Pelazzari holds up all four aspects of the universe: Life, Death, Wisdom, and Power. He has two extra arms, making six, which hold two curved blades downward. Around his waist he wears a red cloth that covers his body, and he wears black baggy pants that roll up at his knees. His mouth is not visible but instead is hidden until used. He has silvery skin with a red meat under it. Pelazzari also holds the position of the first and only Elemental god. He can assume the forms of Pelazzos for Fire, Pelazzus for Water, Pellus for Earth, and Pellozoros for the Air. All forms put together is Equilibrium, AKA Pelazzari. The form he assumes to most people is Pelazzos. Formless state is silver with inner meat showing.

• Avarice
Goddess of Sin. Avarice monitors humans, and those who sin get put on a giant wheel atop her back. The wheel has 7 spots for each of the 7 sins, counting each number. The higher the number, the more people full of that sin will begin dying. She is often depicted as blind or with a plate covering her eyes. She has silver hair and skin-tight clothes that are maroon in color. Formless state is maroon with wheel showing.

• Capridonus (CAH-preh-doh-nuss)
God of the Oceans. Capridonus created the oceans from his tears, crying, for he believed Avarice would never love him. Capridonus sports brown skin, as he was the father of the first colored humans. He has a fish's tail in most depictions and carries a silver scepter. He has aquamarine tattoos that glow when using his abilities, which come to be the disease for Dead Man's Curse. Dead Man's Curse was intended to keep all land creatures from hurting sea creatures, but has since become a harmless glowing on the body. Only Buck Bishop sports this disease. Capridonus is also father of the many strange sea species that inhabit the oceans, the main one being merpeople. Formless state is brown with blue tattoos showing.

• Cherishtha (Ker-ISS-thah)
Goddess of Peace and Nature. Cherishtha is the main deity concerned with peace and harmony. She is also the source of plants, fruits, and vegetables. She is considered an agricultural goddess in this aspect, as well as a goddess of medicine. She can turn from a maiden with long brown hair into an almost alien creature made entirely of plantlife. Her alternate name is Rosa or Rosetta. Formless state is green with hair showing.

• Lazaros (Luh-ZAH-ros)
God of Animals. Lazaros marries Cherishtha and from her inspiration he gives rise to all animals on Earth. His skin is tan and dotted with fur patches. He represents the occult societies as well. Lazaros is adorned with many black node piercings on his body, and he is also the only male god with two phalluses, one which gave birth to flying animals and one which gave birth to walking animals. Sea animals were born from Capridonus. He is known to be a trickster god and the occult god. He is also the subject of many women, as he is considered the most attractive god. Lazaros is the creator of the Bloodcurse. The Bloodcurse was originally made to protect him from lusty women by infecting their blood to control them. The curse then spread to inflict on all people who did such acts. He has many children that he doesn't even know about. Formless state is red-brown with nodes showing.

• Nabruu (NAH-broo)
God of Death. Nabruu rules over the kingdom of death where all are to go. He is the upper-most layer of the underworld, where he points with his Ygma branch for the dead to go. The good stay with him, the damned go to Hell. Nabruu is said to be the descendant of the Native Americans, and thus has more tanned skin. Nabruu is seen being scolded by his wife Alve for not being more caring of the dead. Nabruu wears a stone mask that displays a mass of sharp teeth, wide white eyes, and his hair is white and flows behind him in unnatural strands. His body carries four red orbs that store his energy. Formless state is olive green with mask showing.

• Alve (ALL-vay)
Goddess of Emotion. Alve is the sassy goddess of emotions and feelings. After Oa gave humans senses, she gave them opinions and values. She has short cut white hair and is dressed in a short purple dress. She is the origin of most of Europe, such as France, the British Isles, and Asia. Alve is thought to have brought elaborate clothing into the world. Alve is normally depicted as a triple-bodied goddess with sunkissed skin, as in three forms. The first, described above, was for positive emotions. The second was dressed in no clothes and had a large spike protruding from her chest, representing negative emotions. The third wore a long violet dress with a scarf floating about her, and carried a goblet of wine that never runs out. Her hair is braided and ended with golden jewels, and is her most recognized form. This form represents neutral emotions. Formless state is light violet with hair showing.

• Ama and Kaz
Faeries of Harmony. Ama and Kaz are children of Cherishtha, and they spread peace and joy across the world. They take the form of green and red foxes. Formless states are light green and dark red.

• Angrama (Ahn-GRAH-muh)
Goddess of Disease. Angrama is a human goddess, meaning she was originally human. She is encased in a brown suit of armor that keeps her body in tact. When she opens her arms or chest cavity she spreads disease to the world. She wears a mask with a central red gem on the forehead. Her modernized name is Angra Mainyu. Formless state is beige with red gem showing.

• Marra
Goddess of Cruelty. Marra is a space goddess, meaning she was originally from a foreign galactic location. Marra is an enormous plantlike creature with red bands around her body. She is said to strangle liars with her thorned roots. Her modernized name is MaryAnne. Formless state is green with red bands glowing.

• Nesas (NAY-suss)
God of Souls. Nesas is also a human god, and friends with both Marra and Angrama. When living creatures die their souls are given to Nesas for safekeeping. Beings who go to Hell have their souls eaten by Neas, beings who live in the Underworld have their souls kept by Nesas, and beings that are not properly buried will have their souls sent to Purgatory. He has an endless smile of spiked teeth and magenta hair. He sports very little clothing of black and has a long lizard tail to match his hair. His modernized name is Nergal. Formless state is magenta with horn gems accented.

• Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, and Envy
Deities personifying sins. These four sins were born of Avarice and caused her great pain, causing them to be the most prominent sins in the present world. Lust is a beautiful woman in a black skin-tight dress. Wrath is a burly man with blood red hair and armor most of the time. Sloth is a floating cloud of blue dust controlled by a central eye. Gluttony is an enormous yellow beast that has inhuman features and floats mostly. Envy is a teenage boy who wears green clothes with no sleeves, has slicked back black hair, and large horns. Formless states are simply their respective colors.

• Azazel and Raji (Ah-ZAY-zell) (RAH-jee)
Gods of Good and Bad Fate. Azazel and Raji are always close together, for if not there is no balance between good and bad. Azazel is of angelic origin, while Raji is of demonic origin. They are where we get the terms for karma. They have tanned complexions and are the origin of the Spanish. Formless states are dark red and light blue with halos showing.

• Yis and Yos
Gods of Balance. Brother and sister deities who each hold one aspect of life. Yis holds Life and is herself full of it. Yos holds Death and is quiet and mourning. Their descendants are of Asian culture. They are also associated with Light and Dark, the Sun and Moon, and many other parallels. They are modernized as Yin and Yang. Formless states are pure white and black.

• Epox
The Baby God. Epox is a featureless humanoid with huge glowing white eyes and black skin. It is the byproduct of Yis and Yos's birth. Epox is able to store any form of energy and use it to its advantage. It is known as the baby god because it is only 3'6" and the sounds it makes are reminiscent of a child. It is said to be the reincarnation of Asare. Epox serves no real purpose and is a simple sprite that roams the Heavens. When the world ends, he is said to be the god that will form all new gods. Formless state is dark black with yellow lines accented.

• Biel (Bee-ell)
God of Plagues. Biel is a Hellspawn and takes the shape of a fly-like creature. He spreads plague via insects. He is not evil, but simply the spreader of disease and death, for their is no life without ruin. He is modernized as Beelzebub. Formless state is yellow-green with wings showing.

• Dah-Mienn (Dah-mee-EHN)
God of Collection. The sibling of Biel and collector of rare information. Dah-Mienn resides in a small palace in Hell where it collects the objects that people bring with them to Hell. It has possession over most any object they bring. It has many forms, including an eye with tentacles and a humanoid form. Formless state is black with tentacles accented.

• Goma, The Thunder King
God of Thunder. The Thunder King is a rotund man with blue skin and a menacing grimace. He is a half-demon and spawn of Deicolus. With his club he beats the clouds, causing them immense pain which becomes thunder and lightning. He marries a mortal woman named Bistra to give birth to Salyn. Formless state is electric blue with beard showing.

• Chios and Chakros
Gods of Energy. Both of these gods have orange or yellow skin and many dots on their bodies. They sit in meditation until disturbed, upon which they will give a riddle you have to answer in return for their assistance. Chios, the orange one, is the one who does most of the fighting. Chakros, the yellow one, hovers in meditation to boost Chios's strength. They are modernized as Chi and Chakra. Formless states are respective colors with dots showing.

• Aborrah (Ah-BOR-uh)
Guide of The Underworld. The god of death's son. He has cold grey skin, long thin hair, and appears to be emaciated. He has the black wings of a crow and empty white eyes, and is covered by lavender robes. Aborrah has jagged stones growing out of his back and upward like a crown of sorts. He wields a scythe and is comparable to a modern day Grim Reaper. Formless state is dark grey with wings glowing.

• Soltana/Z'delas
God of Retribution. Soltana is the left-hand man of Nabruu. He resides close by always, lurking in the cold depths of the underworld. With his five rings he keeps the lost souls under control. Those that committed crimes in life are first sent to him to be examined thoroughly. Depending on the severity of the crime, they will either be sent to Hell for eternal damnation or sent to Soltana's realm to be corrected. Soltana takes the form of an enormous maroon worm with a thick body that trails down the causeways of the underworld. His dorsal side is covered by thick shimmering plates. His ventral side is grey and like a snake's belly. He has five centipede legs on either side of his upper body with two large stabbing ones at the top. His face is simply a fanged mouth dripping saliva. On either side of his head are spiky protrusions angled downward, holding on to long teal ribbons. From his 'neck' sprouts five long fingers, one on top, two on the side, and two on the bottom. They wrap around to the front of his head and cover the front. Each of them has a silver ring with a different color jewel, which are his source of power. His forehead, normally covered, is the face of a wailing lost man. When he talks it talks. His other name is Z'delas the Divine.

• Kul/Sul
God of Castigation. Kul is the right-hand man of Nabruu. He resides at the very edge of the underworld where there are cliffs that dive deep. Falling down the rock wall leads to Hell, while climbing to the top leads to the Heavens. Kul stands guard making sure no souls try to climb the wall or fall off, while also chaining punished souls to the walls to be eaten by flies. Kul takes the form of a skinny dark teal dragon with a long snout and rows of sharp teeth. He has two protrusions like fangs that form in the front of his snout. He has bony wings and humanoid legs and arms that end in claws, his feet only having 2. His most notable trait is his extremely long tail that is divided into segments. The end of the tail is equipped with a sharp silver blade that he stabs through those being punished when he feels they aren't being punished enough. He is the father of all dragons on Earth, being the first. His first son is Khron the Rock Dragon.

• Zedong/Raiu
The Sanguineous One. Zedong is the final major god of the Underworld. He resides in the small caverns dotting the cold land, picking at the residents like a pesky animal. He is responsible for the River of Blood running through the entire Underworld, which has healing properties for the living and the gods. The river flows from Zedong cutting open the residents. He is depicted as a grey humanoid with animal features. He wears a tan mask with owl-like wide eyes that have black behind them. The mask has two curved horn-like patterns at the top and curls downward to flatten out. The middle of the mask has a flat beak section that meets up with a bottom section under his real jaw, forming a fake mouth. From behind the mask, where cheeks would be, are glowing red orbs that hold on to long orange ribbons that are ripped at the end. He has a huge dark-red mane covering his head and neck. At the bottom of the mane there is a long brown ribbon twirled around his hair, holding on to two gold rings to make a long ponytail. His body is nude except for his mane trailing down his abdomen to form fur around his genitalia. He has six poking out ribs from under his pectorals. From inside of his mane he can spawn multiple long arms made of pure gold, which normally move him instead of actually walking, since he's pretty lethargic. These arms also carry a hammer and a knife which he uses to toy with the residents. He is a minor god of sexual exploration. He is also the only god to still speak in the Kaiotic language.

• Zridna (Zerr-ID-nah)
The Corpse-Woman. Zridna is a ghastly woman with cold white eyes, grey skin, and long flowing white hair. She is emaciated and her abdomen is completely gone and hollow with red blood. Her body is nude and thin, and in her hand she carries a bloodied sacrificial dagger. Zridna carries the bodies of the dead to the underworld. Her image is considered to be unholy and terrifying. She is used during events such as Halloween to scare children, and there used to be a ritual of spilling blood on the doorstep in hopes that no one in the house would die. Zridna is also associated with zombies. Formless state is pale grey with insides showing.

• Paranoia
God of Terror. Paranoia is a beast with many arms coiled around its massive body. It is chained to the walls of Hell in the bottomless pit, where it will eat those who have done the most sinister of things in their lifetimes. Formless state is tan with chains shown. When unchained/unbound he elongates into a terrifying centipede-like beast.

• Hell
God of Flames. Hell was born from Nabruu and Alve and given rule over the bottom layer of the underworld. His layer is fiery and terrifying. His body is red with many horns and can be compared to a modern day Satan. Despite being a terrifying ruler of the dead, Hell is known to be one of the most sensitive gods. His wife is Demi, who is a demonness. Formless state is dark red with eyes and mouth on fire.

• Salyn (Say-leen)
Goddess of Thunder. The daughter of the Thunder King. She plays instruments to instead create thunder. Salyn is dark skinned and used in many modern arts for jazz, as she is said to be a musician goddess. Formless state is electric blue with dress glowing.

• Xezyphus (ZEH-zih-foos)
The Death Bird. A monstrous three-headed eagle each controlling the elements. He is the child of Deicolus. After being killed and turned into salt, Xezyphus was put in the possession of Nabruu to carry out his deeds. Formless state is white with horns glowing.

• Father Time
Keeper of Time. Just as his name suggests, father time is the keeper of all records. He appears as a stout old man with a cane. Formless state is pure white.

• Timeline
The Record Keeper. Timeline is Father Time's assistant. He is a large burly blue alien and has a short temper. Formless state is dark blue.

• Void and Vortex
Faeries of the Key. Void and Vortex are two spirits who manifest as violet and blue women. They guard the key to The Heavens. Formless states are blue and violet.

• Omnus (AHM-noos)
Guardian of the Key. Omnus itself holds the key. It appears as a stone golem with four heads to watch each direction. Omnus does not speak unless spoken to. He is located in the very far reaches of Heaven, said to only be reached by the fastest and most powerful of the gods. Formless state is stone grey.

• The King
The Godslayer. The King is not really a deity, but posseses the strength of such. He has taken out countless other deities from other religions and now has possession of their weapons. The thing that classifies him as a deity is not only his power, but the fact that he snuck past Kcthanagarathos and drank from the Fountain of Youth. He wields the hammer of Thor, the bolts of Zeus, the Aegis shield, and the spear of Shiva. Formless state is bright red.


- None of them have formless states.

• Children of Cryo
Of which there are three. Each was born from Cryo and the seductress Ezri. Maine, his daughter, is a solemn woman who is forced to forever carry the soul of a demon. Shade, the eldest boy, is cursed to long to be holy but never attain it. Arkangel, the darkest, is a shadowy figure of whose bones are visible through his clear black skin. They represent as a whole, Strife, Grief, and Agony.

• Aagi
God of Peace. Though not usually mentioned, Aagi is the first human ever created. When Death swept over Aagi, the gods were heartbroken and so they revived it as a beautiful peacock of gold and bronze colors with white plumage. Aagi's feathers and wings are constantly ablaze with a glorious golden fire. Aagi can be seen flying above the Heavens in most depictions.

• Aeson (AY-sahn)
Guardian of the Prophet's Gems. Aeson is a human-avian hybrid. Aeson is a demigod who guards and wields the Prophet's Gems, which are five gems said to contain mystical powers. The gems were forged by Asare and contain the power to restore The Heavens if they were to ever fall. These gems cannot fall into the wrong hands, so he is forced to live at the farthest point away from any living beings, which is said to be the island of Nabruu. He is a child of Phocylus. Separately the gems have interesting abilities:
- The Blue Gem permits telekinesis and a beam that attacks the neural pulses in the body.
- The Magenta Gem allows for a red mist that can engulf and destroy things without mess or explosion.
- The Yellow Gem summons lightning.
- The Black Gem houses an all black entity, Darkness. Darkness carries out the wielders commands but also catalogs all of them.
- The White Gem heals.

• Doraffos and Pyslla (Dor-AH-foss) (Pie-SILL-ah)
Doraffos is a demonic god of lust and pleasure, as well as a daughter named Pyslla, who is Doraffos's female opposite. They are children of Deicolus. They both have blue skin and wear purple and black skin-tight suits.

• Lysa
Goddess of Space. Lysa is the daughter of Avarice alone. Lysa appears as a small girl, about age 11, with a thick brush of hair that has the pattern of the universe inside of it. She wears a white t-shirt that covers down to her thighs, and her eyes are large and wide. Her skin is gray. She is similar to Epox, in that she doesn't truly have a purpose and is simply a wandering spirit. Lysa is modernized as Lisa.

• Ozorganos (Oh-zorr-GAH-noss)
Plague of Youth. In one story, Lazaros is raped by a lusty mortal woman who spots him in a clearing in the forest. The offspring that comes from this is named Ozorganos, a bastard child with snake heads for legs, four arachnid legs to move with, fish fins on its head, the skull of a bear for a head, and a fuzzy body. Ozorganos lives within the ground and is said to swallow bad children.

• Zayx (Zay-icks)
God of Insects. Zayx is another son of Lazaros and is depicted as a human-wasp hybrid. Zayx carries a honey scepter and is commander of all insects on earth. His domain is a grove with a large hive in the center, which houses a honeybee colony but at a larger scale. They are mutated to produce everlasting honey, and the queen bee lives far underground. He is modernized as Zzazix.

• Aria (AH-ree-ah)
Goddess of Air. Aria is an air spirit also born of Lazaros and a mortal woman. Aria appears as a woman with pale blue skin and white eyes. She is naked, but covering her body are plumages of feathers. Her hair is short and spikes up, and is also feathers. Her shoulders and hips are fluffy piles of it, and from her hips also form two large white wings with which she flies. She has no legs, but instead has a mountain of white feathers jutting downward with a white ribbon of sorts curling down around it. Aria plays a large golden harp that forms out of thin air. Each song she plays is taught to a new bird.

• Skolex (SKAH-lecks)
Bane of the Gods. Skolex is the bastard child of Nesas and a mortal woman who raped him. Skolex appears as a ghastly white man with oily black hair. His eyes are red and his tongue lolls out of his mouth. He has long arms that end in gruesome claws. His lower body is consumed by what seems to be a large green snake, but in reality is just his body.

• Monte (Mahn-tee)
The Forgotten Hero. Monte is the illegitimate son of Lazaros. A woman in the woods watched Lazaros bathe, and after he did she proceeded to do the same in the same location. Upon entering the water, however, she had absorbed a part of his energy. From this she birthed Monte, who is technically a demigod. Monte grew up around a village of strong warriors, and soon he too became one. At age 19 he died during a raid on his village. In the underworld it was discovered by Lazaros that he was his son, and immediately he requested the release of him. He was released but at the cost of his left eye. Monte is worshiped as a god who trains heroes, though he himself appears to be only 19. He is noted for carrying a golden circular shield on his back ringed with leaves. The shield holds a red cloth at the bottom of it, which is said to be his mother's favorite dress. His hair is kept back with a golden headband and he typically wears no shirt and baggy pants, along with a thick cloth around his waist that drapes down. He is also noted wearing a tattered clothy shirt with a circular insignia on the front. His shield is also mistaken for a halo at times. His modernized name is Monty.

• Dresetta (Druh-SET-uh)
Goddess of Dreams. Dresetta was born when Nabruu dreamed for the first time, the first ever dream in fact. They consider themselves siblings and not father/daughter. Dresetta is dark-skinned with naturally curly black hair that puffs outward. She is a large woman with a thick torso but thinner face. She wears a blue dress that fades at the bottom and becomes smoke that trails under her in clouds. Her dress has two paths going from her neck, down her abdomen, and around her back to connect. These paths glow blue in synchronized beats to create dreams. She occasionally carries a wand that has a star on it and this gives her the nickname "Tooth Fairy", though she does not collect teeth. She also creates nightmares by turning her dress blood red and growing claws, as well as spiny ribs from her back that curl to the front and white eyes. Dresetta lives in the Wonder World which is fueled by human dreams. It is displayed as a theme park and is run by small sprites that resemble cherubs.

• Bil (Beel)
Deity of Scourge. From the negative feelings that Lazaros felt was what created Bil. Bil is a shapeless deity that typically takes the form of a tattered floating grey cloak with a hood. Sometimes it will take the shape of a little girl, a grown man, a dog, or a deformed version of its brother Zayx. Bil is known for spawning huge maggot-like worms with clasping pincers at their heads and no eyes. It is said to be the cause of infections and worms.

• Hollisynth/Kia (HAH-lee-sinth)
Goddess of Vanity. Hollisynth, more commonly referred to as "Pretty Kia" or "Kia", is the daughter of Avarice and Alve. The two goddesses did not give natural birth to her, but a quarrel between them ended up in her birth. Kia looks to be about 21 and has glowing pink hair that juts out from her head like a flame, fluttering in the air behind her in fiery waves. Her eyes are big and pink as well. Kia normally wears some type of silver metallic-looking clothes, typically a dress or skirt. Kia is the source of the mirror, which she used to show her 'mothers' how dumb they looked while bickering. She then turned it around and saw her own reflection and was stuck to it forever. Kia is able to summon mirrors from thin air to disguise herself and teleport. She is both a sin and a fashion statement.

• Miggreshe (Mih-GREEZ)
Hell's Eyes. Miggreshe is not listed as a deity, but is technically one. The first man to wish for immortality was granted it, but at a price. He and his wife were brought to the Underworld for judgement, and it was discovered that they advertised themselves as psychics. The two were split from their souls and placed in a new body, that of a lich. The two souls float aimlessly inside of the corpse's ribcage. The lich floats suspended above a fiery pit on the road from the Underworld to Hell. Around it float multiple candles. Miggreshe is capable of peering into any realm is wants or is told to. It does not meddle in affairs and is simply a bystander.

• Agnibrius
The Sea's Mouth. Agnibrius was produced by Capridonus to guard the entrance to the mystical realm of the sea. Agnibrius lies off the coast of Trinity, swirling it's body to make a whirlpool around it. The actual beast is shaped like a fleshy ring lined with teeth on both sides. People that manage to get trapped in it will be evaluated by him; if they are worthy they will pass through the barrier, if not they will be spit out.

• Ervan (Er-vahn)
God of the Deep Sea. Ervan lurks at the very base of the ocean's floors, where he rules with a glittering silver spear. Ervan is the son of Capridonus and Avarice. His head resembles an angler fish with a glowing scarlet lure. His body is covered in 'armor' made of a chitin-like material. In the center is a visible heart that pumps blood through his visible veins. His arms are long and thin and have the feel of rubber, and end in two fingered claws. From his waist sprouts five tentacles that are covered in a natural lubricant. He moves by writhing these. The tentacles have webbing similar to a vampire squid. Ervan is able to summon the tides in his favor, conjure bioluminescent orbs, squirt ink, and swim at incredible speeds. When on the surface of the water he has a cowl of three webbed prongs that protect his light-sensitive eyes.

• Simon
God of Art. Simon has no parents, but was born from the light radiating off of the clouds of Heaven. Simon is an old stout man with bald hair and no clothes. He wears a white cloth around his waist that barely covers himself. Simon carries around a wooden staff and spawns canvases from thin air. Simon has brown hawk wings that are a big large for his body. With these he can glide but not fly, as he does not have the muscle strength. His artwork has inspired countless artists in the modern day, and his symbol is a free-flying hawk.

• Serafina
Goddess of Oblivion. Serafina has black hair that's raised up into a large "O" formation with two fringes on the side. She looks to be of asian decent and has green scales appearing on her shoulders. She has two hair sticks with matching green jewels on the ends that are on the sides of her head pointing down. Serafina wears an emerald colored dress that hugs her hips and waist, as well as her legs. The bottom of the dress flairs on either side and forms two long tails that fly outward inhumanly and flow as if underwater. The breast portion of the dress crosses over eachother and ties in the back with a silver pin. Her arms are completely uncovered, as her dress stops with shoulder straps. The dress gradually fades to black as it reaches the bottom. On her hips she has multiple trinkets, as she is a minor goddess of magic and witchcraft. Serafina's most recognizable trait is that her upper back has five slits in it. From these slits she pushes out hinged blades that she uses as floating weapons, daggers, or protection. Serafina is a spiteful goddess and people who come to her normally don't come back.

• Anhesz (AHN-heez)
God of the Sands. Anhesz is another child of Lazaros. This time, however, Lazaros was seduced by a spider-woman. The result was a man that has the body of a blazing red scorpion; Anhesz. Anhesz has dark skin and silky black hair that rages backward. In his hair he has golden ties in random spots. He has a tattoo of two rings connecting going across his shoulder blades, and from his pelvis up he has a tattoo of another ring around his bellybutton. He is a menacing figure, but this is a misconception. Anhesz is renowned for his hospitality. He is patron god of deserts and sand and beaches. He is also a god of festivity and parties. His residence is typically alone, deep in the desert.

• Koba (Koh-BAH)
Guardian of the Underworld. Koba is a warrior created by Nabruu to serve him. Koba has tan/olive skin and stands at 7 feet tall. He wears war paint in black, red, and white all over his body in tiger-like formations. He has long black hair with a single red streak in it. Koba carries a skull-cup in one hand to collect passes. Koba is noted for being able to conjure lightning from his hands. He is used in Halloween to scare children, for his jaw extends up to his ears and opens to show off his gaping mouth with rows of teeth. Koba sits outside of Nabruu's Gates and you will have to confront him before entering. If you don't have a ticket, or try to pass without one, he will devour your soul and you'll be sent to Hell instead. Your soul will be given to Nergal for keeping.

• Princess Fol (Foal)
Goddess of Protection. The world's first princess was ascended into the Heavens and made into a goddess. She wears all white, including a floating diamond crown, white blouse, and white skirt that floats on its own. Her hair is angel blonde and normally curled over the left shoulder. Fol is always equipped with an impenetrable shield on her back that bears her insignia, a ram's head. She is worshipped as a protection deity and a hunting deity, for her people were skilled hunters. She is noted for using a sword, axes, and a bow.

• The Pillons (Pill-uhns)
The High Mages. The Pillons are a quintet of mages that control the 5 classes of magic. They are all short and wear the same simple cloak and hood. They have small white eyes that appear to be dots and are distinguishable by color. The blue one carries a staff and is for Order, the red one carries a sword and is for Chaos, the green one has a swarm of flies and is for Maggus/Haggus, the white one carries a book and is for Holy, and the black one has a ring of skulls and is for Unholy. They can fuse into one deity (Pillon) which they are normally seen in, and in this form they have 5 arms for each item. They bestow and control all magic in the world. The sixth one, whose aspect was Arcane magic, died and created Empty magic.

• Zagnus (ZAGG-noos)
God of Greed. Zagnus is a giant serpent with skin of gold. He is the child of Avarice and a human king named Jack. King Jack sought to rule the land around him for himself, and as a price for living there he made all citizens pay with sacrifice of child or gold. Since no one owned gold they could only sacrifice children. Avarice seduced him as he lay in bed one night, and from the evil in his body emerged Zagnus. King Jack was killed in the process and his body hung in the city as a statue. Zagnus speaks with his voice but is not evil. Zagnus sniffs out greedy people and tempts them with deals of riches, but at the price of their sanity. He is used as a symbol on gold currency. His head is easily recognizable because it is a snake's skull.

• Mans
God of Portals. Mans is a humanoid male with two halves to his body, one black and one gold. He is truly two previous deities in one body.His gold side has glowing purple tattoos while his black side has glowing red. Mans has two large horns and heterochromic dark eyes accompanied by a large black mane. Around his waist is a black cloth like a cape to cover himself, held by two protruding glowing gold arcs/halos. His body is capable of splitting into two personas, Gold Mans and Dark Mans, which are then able to connect to others or remain on their own. Gold Mans is focused on acting high and mighty and is quick to be offended, while Dark Mans is sinister and focused on causing problems. The two remain fused most of the time to avoid issues.

• Axol
Spirit of Speed. Axol is a doppelganger of Ak'ua. As a convenience to himself, Ak'ua created two forms of himself. Axol is able to teleport or run as fast as he feels he has to. Axol looks EXACTLY like Ak'ua, except he has brown curly hair, fair skin, and wears what looks like a track uniform. The uniform is in two parts, both black rubber-like materials. The shirt stops at his shoulders and forms a triangle at the bottom, revealing small parts of his skin near his hips. The pants stop at the ankles, where modern shoes pick up. Axol carries a golden rod in the shape of a golden rod plant. His weapon is typically that or a bow and arrow. Ak'ua and Axol are two completely different people now. Axol has developed an insatiable lust for the goddess Salyn. Axol is also the god that young girls would kill for, and is thus considered a god of romance. He is a messenger of the gods and is able to reach the chamber of Omnus. He is comparable to the Greek god Hermes.

• Vylox (Veye-Locks)
Goddess of Fire and Love. Vylox is the physical form of the world's first flame. She has slick black hair that covers her left eye and tumbles down to the center of her back. She wears a red dress that has two crossing pieces of cloth to cover her upper body. The rest of the dress drapes down and then eventually catches fire, making her floaty appearance more menacing. She is worshiped not only as the goddess of fire and rebirth, but as the goddess of love and romance. Her appearance is stunningly beautiful.

• Zsot'l (Zuh-soh-tull)
God of Bane. Zsot'l is a demon born from the god Hell. He appears as a pitch-black skinned adorable demon with long spiralling horns and two tiny spider legs. His eyes are big; one is red and one is white. His true form appears when he flips backward out of this form, essentially shedding it and leaving behind a "body" of sorts. He is very thin with hardly any muscle. His body is the same color, but his horns have retreated into his head and out again in another place. He grows an enormous black mane that trails behind him. His eyes enlarge as well as his ears, and he grows a true mouth and large nose like a feral animal. His limbs are normal now and he has claws instead of toes/fingers. He has a tuft of fur covering his genitals. Zsot'l has an inverted fin like a shark on his back, and around his shoulders he has an embroidered large collar attatched to his body. He is a trickster god and is known mostly because he rides on a flat black cloud.

• Mizero
God of Wisdom. Mizero takes the form of an enormous crow that thinks, talks, and acts like a human being. His eyes are light grey and his feathers a pure black with a blue sheen in the light. Mizero is always seen with a quill pen made from his own body. He is the collector of knowledge and books, and the entrance to his domain is actually on the Earth's surface somewhere. He is known for his humble advice to all, as well as a peaceful entity. Mizero refuses to partake in war or battle of any sort.

• Viggaron
The Golden God. Viggaron is the personified concept of strength, power, and physical attribute. He is shown as a large male with glowing gold skin and an extremely buff figure. He has short hair that spikes forward and glowing white eyes. He wears only a blue speedo. Viggaron's muscles often get in the way of his thinking, so he is paired with Greylocke to make decisions quicker.

• Greylocke
Goddess of the Mind. Greylocke is the personified concept of intellect, smarts, and mindpower. She is shown as a floating female with silver skin and no eyes. The back of her head is consumed by a large brain. The brain has many nerves that connect to points on her body and trail off into nowhere in the air. She takes too long to think, so she is paired with Viggaron to help her act.

• Morse
Ruler of Ghosts. Morse takes the shape of a simple white mask. The mask has two tiny holes for eyes and a large round frown for a mouth. On the forehead of the mask is a teal oval-shaped gem. Connected to the back of the mask is a white cloth that widens and then twists down, forming a "stem" like a plant, and then flutters back out and repeats this process in random formations. The cloth can stretch and move like a normal body. Behind the mask are crude organic black formations that make an irregular crown. Morse generates small wisps from its body which are blue-teal in color and float around it before disappearing. These are the souls that embody Morse, because Morse is an entity formed from lost souls. Morse rules over the realm of ghosts, commonly referred to as Limbo or Purgatory. Souls that get sent here have not received proper burial and are forced to roam the Earth for eternity. Morse's realm is drenched by rain constantly, connecting the deity to rainstorms. Morse itself is not capable of speech in any way, but can make low moans and groans. Morse can also generate chains from its body in case souls try to leave its realm. It is a rare deity to see because it rarely leaves its own realm, but can be seen on certain occasions escorting souls to the dark.

• Gaizir (Gai-Zeer)
God of Pastures. Gaizir is the child of Lazaros and a drim, which is a female spirit of the woods, named Galesta. Gaizir is an enormous sheep-like beast with the head of a ram and a yellow jewel in the center of its forehead. His body is large and entirely circular, with humanoid arms and bull-like legs, as well as a horse's tail. Gaizir carries a shepherd's crook with a blue bow tied on it and a white bell. The center of the head of the crook has a glowing yellow orb in it that reflects sunlight. Gaizir can summon and command small sheep-like replicas of him called gaizites. They tend to the fields and woods just as he does. He is worshiped during autumn to bring good crops.

• Aia (Eye-uh)
Goddess of the Arcane. Aia is the central goddess concerned with witchcraft, sorcery, magic, and the paranormal. Her hair is an unnatural dark red and arranged in braids, dreads, and regular strands. Her eyes are white with a black shade around them, as she is blind. She wears a full dress that stops flat above her breasts. The dress is a very dark gray, almost black, and the black ends at her waist. The dress part on her waist splits in two. The outer layer is faded olive green and has fur edging all around it, and this part drags behind her. The inner dress is faded dark red and has a metallic sheen to it. The underside of her dress is pitch black and black smoke comes out of it. She has a thick rope around her waist as a belt which holds all of her essentials, a.k.a talismans and trinkets. She has a thin cloth of red connected to each wrist which both connect to eachother behind her. Aia carries all of her necessities with her in her dress or summons them. Her must-haves are her sword, which was dipped in a monster's poisonous blood, her book, which contains all of her spells, and small jars of healing potion. She is associated with medicine in the modern world, and her symbol, the sword with an eye on the hilt, is used to label natural medicine.

• Mura
An evil ancient mask created by Disgrace to smite all who talk ill of him. The mask is black with two open eye holes. One giant purple eye inside of it that moves between both eye holes. Mask is circular with a wider top that a bottom, guitar pick shaped. Has two glowing purple lines coming from bottom of eyes, almost like tears. Bottom corners of mask have six purple gemstones aligned in two strings that hang off. Inside of mask has two "petals" that unfurl behind it and upward, crossing over each other. It creates smaller copies of itself to spy on the mortal plane while it sits dormant in it's own dimension gaining power. It will one day harbor the end of the world.

• Daeva
The hidden son of Lazaros. One night when Dresetta was not watching over Lazaros an alien creature slipped her way into his dreams, somehow taking advantage of him there as well. She was caught by the gods but cast her spell in time to save her growing son. The son grew into a boy named Daeva. With his father's godly might and his mother's alien essence he gained a new ability, invincibility. Daeva could only truly be hurt or killed by his mother and father and no one else. He occasionally watches his father from a distance, wondering what he is like. Daeva has short red hair that curls backward in small waves. His eyes are pure white and his smile playful, with a gold ring in his nose. He wears only black puffy pants with a red cloth draped around his waist like a skirt. He has four arms, each holding four weapons; a battle ax, a cutlass, a bow that fires mystical arrows, and an orb that instantly teleports him to his mother. His chest bears a glowing gold crescent moon, and around his body coils snake tattoos that turn into actual snakes. His mother is said to be a dark mermaid of space, her body ever coiling in the cosmos.

• Vortos
Vortos is an elemental deity, known to be a trickster and quite pesky. He is slender with a wide toothed smile and changing features, though he always has a leather bag to carry messages in. He can assume a form that is attuned to any of the elements or types of magic known to this dimension, making him immune to all magic and able to travel anywhere he wants without problems.

• Sin
God of Ruin. Sin was once a beautiful man, but for his secrecy and helping Cryo detain the Heavens he was cursed. Sin was turned into a simple shadow, never to walk on the mortal plane again. To hide his barren form he wears a hat and trenchcoat. His face is often used to show secrecy and is the symbol of spies.

• Iylys (Eye-ILL-Iss)
Serenity Incarnate. Iylys is the personified concept of the sky and Heaven. The physical form of this deity is that of a glowing gold orb with 8 "rays" of light floating around it. There are 6 spiked objects forming a rotating flaming crown about its "head". The body when not glowing is covered in deep etchings of swirls and lines. Iylys can change its size as it pleases, but it's overall an enormous deity. It can also form multiple angelic wings from the air to protect and assist. Iylys only appears in times of complete peace, and so it has not been seen for millenia. Iylys is said to hold up the Heavens with its enormous wings.


• Princess of Dale
The Earthen Alicia. The Princess of Dale is the ruler of the holy city of Trinity. She is the bond between Heaven and Earth and is regarded as a demigoddess.

• Children of the Gods
Lady Alicia and Asare gave birth to many children, all of whom grew up without knowing they were siblings.
- Akira, the protector of Earth.
- Alicia, daughter of Light.
- Madra, protector of the Moon.
- Diana, daughter of the Dark.
- Harli, daughter of Water.
- Lisa, daughter of Fire.
- Jennifer, daughter of Life.
- Suzanne, daughter of Death.
- Constance, daughter of Storms.
- Joan, daughter of Armory.
- Millory, daughter of Winter.
- Lacy, daughter of Hatred.
- Belladonna, daughter of Love.
- Caseyanne, daughter of Destruction.
- Ross, son of Light.

• Aggadrastia (Ah-guh-drass-tee-uh)
The mortal daughter of Capridonus and Avarice. Her sinful lust with men in Egypt cost her her freedom, mind, and body. Aggadrasita began as a beautiful woman but was sentenced to death. Three sea hags drug her down to the dark ocean and brought her to life, but as a spiteful sea monster. The sea hags were killed by Capridonus which caused Aggadrastia to be in solitude. Her loneliness turned to insanity and she wreaked havoc. The Alexandrian empire saw this as an opportunity and took her into their city. There she rests in a black pool of water on a rock, seated. Traitors are sent there in lies that they will be having sex with a beautiful woman. When they walk in, they see that beautiful woman on the rock, a disguised Aggadrastia. As they come near she reveals her true face and devours them with her multiple mouths.

• Vyleia (Veye-LEE-uh)
Vyleia is another woman to entangle with Lazaros's misfortune. The woman caught him bathing in a deeply wooded area and attempted to grab hold of him. In a panic, he called upon his wife, Cherishtha, who coiled vines around the woman instantly. The woman's body was fused to the bodies of the plants and she became what's known as an ekres (wounded spirit), which are doomed organisms with no soul due to an outside force. Vyleia is technically immortal, for killing her will cause her to respawn in another location. It is unknown where the real Vyleia is, because she uses copies of herself instead of her true form. Vyleia is depicted as having green skin and plantlike veins all over her body. Her hair is bright red, like a rose, and drapes down her back in a puffy cascade. Her shoulders open up as roses and her fingers end in prickly roots. Her body stops at the hips and becomes a tree-trunk-thick green plant with red petals lining the insides. This plant body digs into the ground, allowing her to move around freely. She wishes nothing but to grasp her revenge from Cherishtha.

• Umayo (Oo-MYE-oh)
Umayo is the first human to be sacrificed by other humans. He was eaten alive and then his bones were burned, but that was not his end. Feeling pity for him, Nabruu and Morse let him free as a vengeful spirit to smite the humans. Umayo arose as a decaying zombie with almost no skin and black bones. His eyes are small white glowing dots and he is wrapped in tattered cloth and belts. Flies follow him whever he walks, and plants decay when he steps on the earth. Umayo carries a large curved blade that he chops up sinners with. He wears a mask made of white porcelain and olive green bordering. The mask has two slits for his eyes and a curved down nose. It has a neutral mouth and at the top it forms three points. The temples bring down the green border to the top of the eyes.

• Qinsei
Qinsei is a malevolent spirit created by Kcthangarathos to terrorize humans. He was furious that he was not worshiped like Asare, so he punished the humans. Qinsei takes the form of an enormous black vampire bat with metallic blade on the ends of his wings. He has a jaw inside of his jaw and six eyes. Trickling out of his body is a metallic scorpion tail which he uses to kill and eat prey. He is known to sit around the gate of the Underworld, eating anyone who does not belong.

• Grizzol
The Underworld Swallower. Grizzol is a monstrous purple beast in the shape of a dragon. His body has a thick torso but thins out near the legs. He has a stubby short tail and long toes, and he is normally seen as quadrupedal. His neck is extremely long and thin, twisting like a noodle. His head is that of a dragon with a birds physique, a long beak with two mouths and dripping hot lava. His back has two stubs of black where wings used to be. Grizzol's role is to transport the weak, dying, or young from the Underworld to Hell or vise-versa. Those that dare toy with him will be eaten, increasing the length of his neck.

• Ezri (Ez-Ree)
The woman who challenged the gods. After the bicker that caused the birth of Hollisynth, Ezri boasted that she was better looking than both Avarice AND Alve. Alve and Avarice flew down from the heavens immediately to confront her. She had flawless skin, gorgeous flowing black hair, and a scarlet gown so lovely that it shone blood red in the morning light. In a fit the two gods reached for her, but they both missed. Ezri had evaded them and was now twirling, two long ribbons twisting from her wrists. She tied the two goddesses up with swift dances and then descended into the ground, cackling all the way down. Ezri was later discovered to be a jealous concubine of Cryo. Ezri's true form is red skinned with the same black hair. She wears no clothes and is instead cloaked in black ribbon that covers her body. Ezri is a seductress who slithers to get what she wants through sex.

• Aras Ali (Ah-Rahs A-Lee)
When Asare passed, no one wanted to continue his word. A human by the name of Aras Ali arose from the shadows and began preaching his word in a book known as The Magnificence. Aras Ali ONLY preached his word, gaining a large following of people in the long run. Aras Ali was an old man, about 60, with faded peach skin and long white hair accompanied by a long white beard. He wore a simple tan robe with long thin sleeves and sandals. Aras Ali is considered a deity by some, but is not truly one. His death came by mercenary hired by an unknown agent.

• Tjos
The Lost God. Tjos comes from another reality entirely, where he is a god of gravity and of ruin. In his realm he is the supreme god who is known to be wrathful. A strange warp in spacetime transported him to this dimension where he is still a god, but not worshiped by anyone. He takes his place in The Heavens with the others however. His skin is dark, almost like a sunburn, and his black hair buzzed down. He wears only a white cloth wrapped once and under around his waist. He commands gravity, shown by dark distortions around his hands that are almost clear when in use.

• Mazomana
The bickering chimera. Mazomana is an interesting pair, the body of a barn owl and the tail of a bush viper. The two guard the entrance to the Otherworld where the Hollow Council lives. They have the hidden ability to look through the past and future of others, thus causing them to bicker until they come to a decision. If you are allowed in they will step aside. If they deem you too dangerous, their enormous wings will blow you out of the realm.
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