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"In Icelandic and German mythology, Brunhilde was a strong and beautiful princess who was cruelly deceived by her lover. Her story is told in the Edda poems of Iceland and the Nibelungenlied, a German epic of the 1200s. Her name also appears as Brünhild, Brunhilda, or Brynhild.

In the Icelandic version of the legend, Brunhilde was a Valkyrie—a warrior maiden of the supreme god Odin.html" title="View 'odin' definition from Wikipedia">Odin. Because she was disobedient, Odin punished Brunhilde by causing her to fall into everlasting sleep surrounded by a wall of fire. The hero Sigurd crossed through the flames and woke the maiden with a kiss. They became engaged, but Sigurd left to continue his travels. Later, after receiving a magic potion to make him forget his love for Brunhilde, Sigurd married Gudrun (Kriemhild).

Gudruns brother Gunnar wanted Brunhilde for himself and persuaded Sigurd to help him. Disguising himself as Gunnar, Sigurd pursued Brunhilde. Later Brunhilde realized she had been tricked and arranged to have Sigurd murdered. When she learned of his death, however, she was overcome with grief and committed suicide by throwing herself on his funeral pyre. In that way, she could join him in death."

People usually describe Brunhilde as a strong Viking Woman but I like to imagine her as a woman with a sad and gentleness beauty

Model: by Warped Photography
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