Demigod, meet Champion Picture

Champion-of-a-Norse god meets Child-of-a-Greek-God

Ever since I started reading the Percy Jackson books this entire scenario has been in my head because Hitchups becomes canon for my subconscious, particularly for xover ideas. It doesn’t help that there’s rumors flying about Rick bringing Norse gods into the mix.

So Percy runs into older-future-modern Hiccup. Who should look around 35 at this time but turned into a late-twenties... whoops.

I've also fallen in love with the idea of Framherja's humanoid form. I think, as Hiccup learns to master her, she starts to gain the ability to take human form (something all godly weapons learn to do as they're 'broken in' by their masters... which is kind of like puberty). There are already numerous hilarious situations playing in my head where she decides to take form. She's a lot like she is in her bow form. Short tempered, possessive (of her wielder), haughty... she and Hiccup make a great team but they're always butting heads at the same time.

Also, this sort of rough-housing doesn't fly with Frammy. Her father will be hearing of her treatment.

So what do you think? Is the idea TOO insane?
A Viking in New Rome

When a man is cursed with the impossible combination of immortality and humanity, sooner or later he's going to run into a few demigods.

A PJO/HTTYD drabble.


Percy cringed. He froze mid-step with his foot hovering inches over the Pomerian Line circling New Rome’s city.

Terminus had literally just materialized in front of him in a sudden, sulfurous pop of yellow smoke that left the demigod's lungs burning. The statue looked much like he always did: armless, stone curls wound tight against his head, and a disapproving scowl on his face.

Percy gingerly put his weight back outside the city safe zone.

“Sorry,” he muttered and immediately reached into his pocket f

Hiccup © Dreamworks
Percy Jackson © Rick Riordan
Framherja and whole reluctant-hero-champion-of-Thor concept © this silly gal
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