Artemis Crock Picture

Well she isn't my Artemis, but I love her all the same. I watched through both seasons of Young Justice and fell in love with all the characters. I knew at some point I was going to have to do a piece of Artemis. I heard that the show was cancelled which I think is a big mistake. So, much like Firefly, I thought it could be cool if it continued on as a comic book. I thought I could make this issue one of a series that follows Artemis reborn from the Amazon Paradise island where Wonder Woman comes from. She is a god much like Wonder Woman, but since Artemis from Young Justice became the Tigress, I thought we could have the real Artemis fill in wearing Crock's uniform. Clearly I have a thing for Artemis mythology in many ways.

The logo was something I whipped up based heavily on the Supergirl header. I don't normally blow up my drawings, but for the sake of composition, I stretched her proportionately a little bit to fill more of the page. I hope it hasn't distorted my lines much.

As always I would love your comments and suggestions. Thanks!
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