Real vampire stamp Picture

I've become quite tired of the pansy lustful stereotype of vampires that became so popular lately.
Whenever someone hears the character I usually paint is a vampire, they always take it an evidence I must be the fan of Anne Rice or Meyer...but No! No! No! I hell dislike those lustful pansy characters or immature teengirl's idols in their stories, and can't stand when a book/movie's story is around romance.
If I like a vampire, it does not means I like all vampires.
I like Legacy of Kain because it has not a single romance in it (romance is weakness and can cause only disaster in Nosgoth's world) it's story is much deeper and more close to a mythology unlike those women's literatures. And because it's main hero IS a real badass warlord vampire, and not a sparkling loser or a pansy coffin-sleeper.
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