Mythology Picture

Better late than never right?

This one was meant for day 5 of Zutara Week, but real life got the better of me and my technology decided to abuse me (for the record this was done entirely with my faulty laptop touchpad as for reasons beyond my comprehension the silly machine has decided to reject all external mice...) and continuously delete the file while glitching at me so this one took a while.

On the flipside, I am entirely proud and a half of this picture.

a set of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of an event, arising naturally or deliberately fostered

That is the definition I used for mythology (this was easily my hardest prompt and I wanted to use something out of the ordinary). So I decided that I'd paint a portrait of the war heroes and have the next generation viewing it. I'm sure any kids born in the next hundred years will be hearing the stories of the gAang and their victory, but how cool would it be if you heard the stories from your parents, who happen to be the source? Those would be some great bedtime stories.

I figure this is the hall in the fire nation palace with all the portraits of previous Fire Lords (as seen in The Avatar and The Fire Lord). I like the idea of Zuko having his friends in his portrait. I tried to stay close to the style the portraits were in and don't know if I entirely succeded, but I like the effect. I tried to make it look painted (no I don't know why the Fire Nation would hire me as a portrait artist either) and love how I believe I succeeded in that department.

Now let me introduce you to the second generation, the admirers of their parents' portrait.

The first four are my Zutara Spawn:
-Crown Prince Lu Ten (you've met him if you've read my ficlet 'Welcome to the Family). He's about ten as portrayed here.
-Prince Ryo, who seems to be pointing out that Mommy looks creepy when bloodbending, is about six.
-Princess Ursa and Princess Kya (Ursa was in the picture for Smug in Zutara Week) are twins named for their grandmothers and are roughly four by my calculations.

The last one is a special spawn, Initially she wasn't there, as this was a Zutara week picture but then I included her anyway because what better way to kick off Sukka week than with Sukka spawn?
-Her name keeps changing between Sakura and Joy, truth be told I like both. She's about nine and a half or so here. She's visiting her cousins, I'm not sure why. Maybe she's visiting her waterbending master, maybe its one of the kids birthdays, maybe there is a big peace conference and the whole group is having a get together and Aang and his family aren't there yet, possibilities are endless.

I think that about explains it, but if you have any questions be sure to ask as you comment
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