The Heroes Five illustration, 1/3 [M/M] Picture

This is from a story/art collaboration with Cuixilfer.
I've been needing a bit of a change of pace artwise, and since I'd much rather draw than write, Cuixilfer made me an offer I couldn't refuse--a story with a mythological setup. Athletic underclothed guys aside, I've always had a fondness for Greco-Roman myths, so it sounded like a good match!

Yes, I know there's only two guys here, despite the title. Read the damn story, it's the opening scene. XD

Originally it was going to be just a straightforward illustration, but then I considered the setting, where lots of ancient artwork has been unearthed to pay homage to one of their stories. I decided to try making the characters look more like a marble sculpture that decorated an old bathhouse. It worked much better than I thought, the textures were surprisingly easy to render efficiently. And hm, apparently there's some artwork drawn on the pedestal below it...

Enedros/Strovilos (c) Cuixilfer
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