BAGOBO Picture

yeah, he's based on the filipino mythological god of war.
he's an old character of mine [link] , just want to give life to it again, hehehe.
and yes, thats the Rizal Park burning, hehehe.

BAGOBO being the spirit of war(instead of the god of war) he knows every methods, styles, tactics, and ways of armed or unarmed(includes elmentals & magic), long range or close combat.
his true form and power is trap inside a powerful armor that was created by the other spirits(gods) as a prison/container.
he manages to open some portion of the armor releasing some of his powers but only for a short period of time.

the appearance of super beings in the country is what made him re-appear after hundreds of years.
now he hunts both super heroes and super villains to battle them hoping that at least one of them is strong enough, tough enough or [email protected]$$ enough to even crack his armor.
that is his true goal, to find the strongest being that can break his armor and release his true form and power to get his revenge from the other spirits(gods).

so? wanna battle? hehehe.

pianted on Paint Tool SAI and effects on Adobe Photoshop.

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