MH Halloween Special - Werecat Sisters Genderbend Picture

Halloween Special: Monster High Genderbends - Purrseus & Meowlysses as Purrsephone and Meowlody! [link]

Good afternoon! This Monster High genderbend is still hot from the oven, starring today Purrseus and Meowlisses and the Werecat Bros.! Purrseus's name comes from Perseus, and Meowlysses from Ulysses (also know as Odysseus), both great heroes of greek mythology.

This one was easy-reasy... Specially because is just a reflected drawing, so it's not that challenging. It was nice, though, to try some new techniches with Paint.NET, wich is the paiting tool I use. There shadows were also fun to make, and also their tails forming the heart shape
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