The black and white pencil stage is done. At this point the painting (yeah, because this is going to be a painting, not just a pencil drawing) its 50% completed. The rest is just adding the color to the pencil, which is relativity easy. This was the hard part. This is when you have to put all those crazy ideas into something real and tangible. From here to the end, its just a joy ride. This was (is) the most important stage of the whole process that I follow to make a painting.

The Drawing.

The Drawing. So immensely ignored by the young artist. The Drawing. Some artist just trace some basic lines and then go straight with the airbrush, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, color pencils, digital, BBQ sauce. Hopping that the color will do the trick an bring those masterpieces...

Paparruchas my friends!

The Drawing. So simple, so underestimated.

Doesn't matter what or which is your technique. The Drawing is the difference. Even the best digital artist know how to draw. I'm not underestimate Digital Art, I do digital art too. I'm just saying my favorite digital artist have a formation based on The Drawing. But most all the young artist jump into the computer hopping the machine will do the trick just like others jump into the airbrushing, watercoloring or BBQ sauce hopping the coloring will help them. Paparruchas my friends!!.

Everyday, I have tons of messages asking me 'how can I improve my art?'. And most all the time the problem is The Drawing. All that you need is a pencil, any pencil and a blank page, that's it.

However it requires more than that. Requires study and dedication. As a self-taught artist I can tell you, first hand, the best way to learn is trashing drawings just like this one. Because then you will experience the process of learning, first hand. When somebody else is teaching you something, you will probably hear the same as Charlie Brown heard from his teacher "whawaaanawhawhawhaowhaa", at least that's what I heard when somebody is teaching me something. So go ahead and get your hands dirty with graphite! . Just don't don't follow this advise if you are learning how to fly an airplane or do major surgery LOL.

Study is an important part too. Yeah I know that word sucks. But I studied Olivia and Sorayama. They teach me a lot with their books. I own everything that I'm as a Pin-Up artist to them. I spend a lot of time trying to deciphering the code in their art. And to be honest, it didn't took me that long. Because I really wanted to learn.

But the artist that had a mayor impact in my formation is Pablo Picasso, more than nobody.

For some, Picasso's are just childish drawings. For others, artist like me, Picasso is the ultimate Artist. I saw my first Picasso when I was 9 years old and saw the 'code'. This is the funniest part: I'm not drawing or painting Pin-Up at all! HA!. I'm doing Cubism! Just like Picasso! So you can call me from now on The Dark Lord of Cubism! Absolutely all my paintings or drawings even the cartoons have more than 2 dimensions. Some of them have 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 dimensions. And you don't even notice it....through all this years. ROFL!. There's at least 7 dimensions on this drawing.

Another Artist who deeply influenced my work is Dali. He never followed rules. And is not about professing Anarchy, I was a Punk too, so I know about it. Anarchy is easy. Try to beat them with their rules, use everything they say or think against them, that's the real deal. As Dali, when it becomes down to my art, I don't follow any rules at all. There's at least 13 lighting spots over this drawing.

This drawing is based on my Miss Mosh favorite photos. I took a bit from some of them. But being careful not to copy their work. These photographers are my Heroes and they deserve credit :
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