Azi Sruvara Picture

A very old work, arround may of 2006, but I retouched the last year for a set about persian myths.

Aži Sruvara (the 'horned dragon', also know as Aži Zairita - the 'yellow dragon) was the one of the dragons slayed by the hero Kərəsāspa, Middle Persian Kirsāsp. (Yasna 9.1, 9.30; Yasht 19.19)

According to the Avesta, Kərəsāspa once stopped on a hill to cook his midday meal. Unknown to Kərəsāspa, the hill was actually the back of Azi Sruvara a dragon, hidden on the dunes. As the heat from Kərəsāspa's fire woke the dragon, it woke up, overturning Kərəsāspa's kettle. Kərəsāspa fled, but returned to slay the dragon.

Later texts, the Persian Rivayat and Pahlavi Rivayat, add more details. According to them, the Aži Sruvara was a dragon with horns and teeth upon which the men it had eaten could be seen impaled. It was so long that Kərəsāspa ran along its back for half a day before he reached its head, struck it with his mace, and killed it.

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