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After a brief absence from these cyber spaces, I'm back to my usual posting self, with yet another Libris Primaris image. Warhammer 40,000 fans rejoice!
This time around, the Primarch in the spotlight is none other than the valiant and feral Leman Russ of the Space Wolves! Quite a dauting character; "Why?" you may ask. Aren't all the Primarchs daunting?
Technically, yes. But there are some which are far less represented than others, and that leaves me with much less pressure from the community to try and get an established look right, whilst still incorporating the vigour and 'freshness' of my own style.
Leman Russ is one of the most recognised Primarchs of The Emperor and his Legion is one of the most played in the hobby world, so there were a LOT of expectations put in this illustration. I hope I've done the old wolf justice!

I'm very passionate about Celtic/Irish/Scottish/Norse mythology, which I think is what the Space Wolves Legion and Russ incarnated and represented: the old traditions in halls of stone; the sturdy bearded heroes of frozen lands coming to get you with axes and might, nearly unstoppable.
I tried, thus, to get all that accross in the design, using elements from the aforementioned cultures and some of my own ideas.

There was a good question I was asked in the B&C forums, which was: Is Russ going to be blonde or redheaded? I honestly always pictured him redheaded, but I could see him working as a blonde. In the end, the client decided for me and here he is in al his blood-red strength!

I hope you enjoy and see you all in the comments section!


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