The Nine Worlds: NIFLHEIM Picture

In norse mythology Niflheim or Nifelheim is a kingdom of the frost and cold, and its great ruler is goddes Hel, Loki's doughter. Niflheim is called Mist Home, Abode of Mist, Land of Darkness and Hel (as its ruler) too. From this place grows one of the roots of the Yggdrasill- World Tree (axis mundi).
As we know, all great heroes who die on the battlefield go to the Walhalla, but other people, who has... less luck go to the Niflheim. On the root of Yggdrasill sits a cock who is red like a fire. In this dark kingdom are two palaces. First belongs to someone- nobody knows who it is. Second is a possession of queen Hel. If someone finds way to this obscure and misty land, will not go outside, will stay forever.

Niflheim is the one of the Nine Worlds. In norse mythology we can find: Asgard, Alfheim, Midgard, Mespelsheim, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Infierno, Svartalfheim. Each of them is a part of Yggdrasill, of course.

I'm fascinated by norse mythology. I don't know everything, I think I know about it just a few things, but I love it. Some days ago I've read a great book- "The Sea of Trolls" by Nancy Farmer. She combined some myths with her imagination. Wow, I've read it sooo fast! Maybe it's not the best book based on norse mythology (someone knows something? Maybe I could find it and read. It would be very nice : D) but it's very special book!



=Shoofly-Stock / bridge
~MapleRose-stock / clouds
~rachelb-stock / cock
=SalsolaStock / Devil's Tower
~Jezhawk-stock / icicles
~Enchantedgal-Stock / crystal
~night-fate-stock / winter landscape 1 winter landscape 2 background 3 snowy field
~Aimelle-Stock / icicles
*Arctic-Stock / floating ice: [link] [link]
`pendlestock / sandstone wall
=CausticStock / stone textures
~CrossMirage / rocky wall
=little-stock / towers: [link] [link] [link]
=Stock-by-Kai / tree
*Katanaz-Stock / texture

The rest painted by me, and some mine stocks.
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