Amora the Enchantress Picture

Digitally painted in Photoshop with Wacom Intuos 3

I always liked Amora. She's one of marvel's few ambivalent characters. Much like Namor, she could be a heroes' ally or opposing villain with the same ease. Wish they'd use her more often in the Thor comics.

Until recently she was one of Marvel's Asgardian Gods who they'd just made up, rather than taken her from actual Mythology. (Like the Warriors Three, or Karnilla) However, recently they changed that, when it was revealed the Enchantress was actually the goddess Idun as well as Freija and Mardoll. Instead of different (absent) Goddeses, in the Marvelverse, those are just different names Amora has went by. Interesting choice.

And it was kind of hinted at why she turned a little nasty later on, because boy, did Asgard treat the girl like #@$&^ in the olden days.

(Odin is a jerk. There. I said it.)
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