Star Trek - Don't go where I can't follow you Picture

Jim! Good-bye my . . . my t’hy’la.

Oh the feels. You saw this coming, did you? Of course you did.

If you're not familiar with the term t'hy'la, let me quote this for you:

T'hy'la is an apocryphal term in Star Trek coined by Gene Roddenberry [creator of Star Trek] in an infamous footnote in his novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; the footnote states that Spock thinks of Kirk as his t'hy'la, a Vulcan word that can mean "friend," "brother" and/or "lover."
Readers familiar with Vulcan language conventions would immediately recognize a t' prefix as usually denoting femaleness. Those who know Greek mythology might point to the word as resembling "Hylas", a young man who was mentored by Hercules and became a great hero in his own right, as well as, in some accounts, Hercules' lover.
Some fans refer to "page 22" as proof that Roddenberry believed that Kirk and Spock could possibly be lovers.

The touching of the hands is a very personal and intimate gesture in the Vulcan culture. The equivalent of a kiss to Vulcans is the touching of the index and middle fingers of the two partners.

I don't think I have to explain more. You get the point.

*Ravenic as Spock
*NanjoKoji (me) as James T. Kirk

photo by !MissMindCrush

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