Blodeuwedd Picture

A nature goddess of Celtic mythology. Her story is within the welsh Mabinogion where she is made by enchantment from the flowers of oak, broom and meadowsweet to be the wife of the hero Lleu. She is transformed into an owl for conspiring to kill her husband so she could be with her lover Gronw. This is probably a reiteration of an ancient theme of Nature anthropomorphised and seen in her different phases of summer (flowers) and winter (owls), with sacred kings being married to the land and fighting for supremacy, who possibly also represent the light and dark sides of the year. Blodeuwedd translates as 'flower face' and has become a welsh word for owl.

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Title: Blodeuwedd
Date Completed: 2013
Dimensions: A3
Materials used: Watercolour on paper
Price of Original: Not currently for sale

I'm not flagging mature content as I personally think everything is covered or obscure... if people disagree with this let me know and I can change it
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