An Unexpected Hero Picture

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"Is THIS the droid you're looking for!?"
The movie would have been much shorter if they had ended it my way.
I'm going to give C-3PO a speech bubble. What should he be screaming as he kicks sith butt?
Leave a comment below.

4-5 hours on the ipad. Definitely going give it some touch ups (some parts aren't shiny enough) but I was excited to show you guys!

EDIT: Please Read (or don't, I can't tell you what to do)

Wow! My inbox has been filling up all day with love for this piece!
Once again the community has shown its excitement for the work that I do, and I couldn't be more grateful.

You guys really are the best!
Which is why I have a question for you....
Should this piece (and its sudden popularity) be the first in a series of `Unexpected Heroes` ranging from properties like Harry Potter and LotR to Halo and Star Trek?
See, I originally intended to do this as a spiritual follow up to my Princess Avengers fan-art series, but since there was very little apparent interest in C-3PO kicking ass I stopped at the conceptual phase.

This is your chance to change that.

If you'd like to see a series of Unexpected Heroes kicking unexpected ass then leave a comment on my profile with the characters that you think most deserve it! If enough people show interest I will follow up in my trademark high-quality digital style.

So let your voices be heard. No more shall under-appreciated side characters have to watch teary eyed as the hero conquers the villain and wins the day!

C-3PO was the first.
You decide who comes next!


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