Being Me Picture

This is my OC as a teenager.

Name: Nikta Evans
Code Name: Enyo In Greek mythology, Enyo ( "horror" or “warrior” ) was an ancient ker or daimon known by the epithet "Waster of Cities" and frequently depicted as being covered in blood and carrying weapons of war, as on the Shield of Heracles. She was frequently portrayed as a companion of Ares, the chief god of war, and has been variously said to be sister. She was occasionally said to be one of the Graeae.
Enyo is goddess of war, blood and violence. She delights in bloodshed and destruction of towns.

Powers/Abilities: During her teen days she started getting scars on her skin. Each scar represents one war. The person who touches one of her scars gets through all the pain that was in that war.

I may tell you more later…
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