Heracles 3: The Cyrenaian Hind Picture

Heracles vs the Cyrenaian Hind, also known as the Golden Hind for it's Golden Antlers & Hooves. For this labor, Heracles was actually tasked w/ CAPTURING his prey & bringing it bak 2 Thebes ALIVE rather than just killing it like the previous 2. He chased it ON FOOT for over a year across Greece, Thrace, & sum other place I can't remember the name of. When I read about this, it reminded me of that scene in Forest Gump, where Gump runs bak & 4th over & over again across America, & grows a gnarly beard & long hair, & decided that I would not even worry about the hind & just focus on the physical toll this labor took out on Heracles. He's only 3 labors in, so he's still running tall, proud, & unbroken (he's not feeling it JUST yet), but he's got a mean tan, he's dirty, & he's grown out long hair & dredds from not having time 2 stop & wash off. I also tried 2 put dark spots around his eyes 2 make it look like he hasn't been sleeping as much as he should (which I can relate 2 right now, w/ 2 newly arrived baby girlz). This challenge didn't break or bend him, but he didn't have time to take care of himself, & he looked worse than he felt @ the end of it (or @ least that's my take). Wen he dragged the hind up 2 the gates of Thebes by its' Antlers, it sent King Eurystheus (his rival & 2 whom he confirmed the completion of his labors) a message: That Heracles wuz a man of unbending determination, & he wuz going 2 finish these tasks @ any cost. U'll also notice I've decided 2 place permanent reminders of all his labors on his person: The Lion cost him a finger. The Hydra left an acid burn on the side of his face. This 1 will just leave him tanned, but he'll remember it. & that's enuff typing 4 now
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