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Rook is an Former Wraith from the Kingdom of Night Board he is the Rook like on the chess board he is one of the few whom realizes their world is artificial and claimed X-Cross as his weapon X-Cross is a legendary Axe forged by a Dragon's forge, His Friends are Empress Andromeda, Vanguard Heracles and Kaiser Achilles. Empress Wields Excalibur, Kaiser Wields Gungnir, and Vanguard Wields Death Scythe, only warriors of night board whom become liberated from mere pieces on the game are allowed to claim a legendary weapon, Rook Orion was the first to realize and liberated Empress(Queen) Andromeda whom he secretly loves, Andromeda Releases Vanguard(Knight) Heracles and all 3 together persuaded Kaiser(King) Heracles to realize their world was a continuous loop and they are merely pieces of a game, the oracles are vying against them trying to strip them of awareness and return them to dormancy however the 4 of them now hold legendary weapons which both communicate with and protect them. X-Cross negates Mana when wielded by Rook and no magic or special abilities work after it strikes 3 times. X-Cross can become any Grade or type of Axe known to man and even despite being seldom takes a hybrid form of a Halberd(being part axe and spear.) Other Rooks exist in the world of Night Board however only Rook Orion wields X-Cross.

-Night Board OC definitions-
First name must be a chess piece and Second name of a Greek mythology origin hero or villain etc.
Must have a weapon used in tandem with a mythos not infringing upon copyrights.

Rook Orion and Night Board Series (c) James Anthony Edwards /
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