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Name; Athenais Mithridates, after Athenais Philostrogos II and Mithridates of Pontus IV
Nyo!Name; Arcathius Mithridates, after Prince Arcathius
2P!Name; Macrina Mithridates, after Saint Macrina the Elder
2P!Nyo!Name; Andronikos Mithridates, after Andronikos I of Trebizond
Voiceclaim; Burcu Güneş ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=Crq6fq… )
Faceclaim; Sofia D'elia ( 24.media.tumblr.com/a60d8403a5… )
Personifies; The Geographical Region of Pontos/Pontus
A.K.A; The Black Sea Region
Capital of the Region; Sinop
Demonyms; Pontic Greek, Pontian, Caucasus Greeks to the east
"Birthday"; The region has no specific date to celebrate, with an early tribe called the Leucosyri being first to inhabit the area, however, the "original foundation" would have been 731 BC
Region Age; Over 2744, according to a report by Eusebius of Caesarea for Sinope, one of the most ancient Greek colonies in the region
Human Age; 36-37
Height; 5ft 1 1/2 in, the average height for Turkish women
Government; Unitary State, Parliamentary Republic
Current Leader; Abdullah Gül
Official Name; Pontus, derives from the Greek Pontos Euxeinos, meaning Hospitible Sea
Formerly; The Kingdom of Pontos
Religion; Greek Orthodox Christianity and Sunni Muslim
Language(s); Modern Greek, Pontian Greek, Turkish

Personality; Athenais is a laid-back, happy woman, all for story-telling while sitting down and sewing. She's the kind of woman who whistles a happy tune while she works in the garden/field all day long. She's well educated and a strictly religious gal, extremely modest. She absolutely adores telling stories to the regions' children, though it saddens her that most children in Pontus nowadays can no longer even speak Pontic Greek. She's not afraid to get down and dirty while working in the fields or around mines. Though she does fully consider herself a Turk now, she's constantly reminding Sadik that she was indeed founded by the Greeks despite now being a Turkish region, which usually results in him laughing then reminding that she is indeed a Turkish region now and many of the Greeks had been expelled from the region 1923. That normally ends in a verbal fight.

Likes/Interests; Farming, dancing, singing, Acritic songs, story-telling, cooking
Dislikes; when anyone brings up the old idea of "the Republic of Pontus"

Appearance; Athenais has short, curly ( excuse the poor example of the drawing ) dark brown hair, tanned skin, and amber eyes slanted slightly from west Asian influence. At the end of her hair in the back is a lightly curving curl, spiraling inward at the end, representing the Pontic Mountains. Normally, she has her hair covered by a cloth or simply pulled back in a headband, to keep it from her face. She has a number of traditional dresses in her closet; www.costumes.gr/stoles/641231.… , www.costumes.gr/stoles/641162.… , www.costumes.gr/stoles/641235.… , www.costumes.gr/stoles/641233.… , www.costumes.gr/stoles/641237.…, and www.costumes.gr/stoles/641078.… . Most of her clothing consists of bright colors like green, blue, red, etc.

- In Greek Mythology, Pontos was believed to be the home of the Amazons, an all female tribe of warriors. Heracles, who remembers the stories from his mother, will bring it up sometimes, making Athenais laugh and reply, "Heavens, no, I'm not that old."
- Turk and Muslim are used as synonyms, as well as Greek and Christian. Athenais does indeed call Sadik and Heracles "Muslim and Christian" on occasion.
- Pontian is indeed an old dialect of the ancient Hellenic language. While over 300,000 people in Turkey can speak it, many Pontic children are no longer able to use the language.
- Athenais really shows no connection to Islam or Christianity, she still uses ancient Hellinic prayers, like many of the villagers in Pontus. While most villagers don't know true origin of these prayers, they're used at appropriate times to ward off illness or other misfortunes.
- She harbors a lot of resentment towards the Ottomans from the Greek Genocide, also known as the Pontic Genocide, and is usually used to back her arguments with Sadik.

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hetalia; Himaruya

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