And They Lived Happily Ever After? Picture

Most Disney movies are actually based off of R-rated stories made back in the 1800-1900s, but instead of including the true gruesome and macabre (vocab word!) parts of the stories, they replace them with happy, sugar coated endings. For example, the Hunchback of Notre Dame was originally a story by Victor Hugo, and in the Disney version, Esmeralda (a gypsy) is swept away by Quasimodo when she is almost burned at the stake. But in the original story, she is successfully hung.

Which is why I made this picture. I just wanted to depict some of the original endings of three Disney movies.

The Little Mermaid (explained)- When Ursula "turns Ariel into a human", all she does is split her tail in two. The prince also does not love her, and he is married. Hence why he is saying, "Dance for me, you freak!" to which Ariel thinks to herself, "It hurts... so bad... but I love him!"

Hercules (explained)- In Greek mythology, Hercules (Heracles) is possessed with madness once he has a mid-life crisis, and supposedly kills his wife, Megara, and all of his children, too.

--If you guys think this is Mature, just tell me and I'll change it.--
--I know, I see the way the Prince in The Little Mermaid is drawn...--
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