the stymphalian birds Picture


Wow this sucks. I need more practice at birds.. geez. This is pathetic.
Birds, and shiny surfaces.

So, yea, those Stymphalian birds. Again, ravenous man-eaters much like the mares of Diomedes. These birds were Ares' babies, and rightfully so. They had bronze beaks, claws, and wings, and they could shoot their feathers at their victims at high speeds going up to 1000x faster than my dial up. Heracles was told to put a stop to this nonsense. For, again, one of his Twelve Labors, he had to kill off the poor birdies. He did this by yelling at them, which made the birds fly up to ready their attack. But Heracles was quicker, and shot them down with arrows.
I bet Ares was pissed.
But not as pissed as I am right now. My school screwed up my schedule AGAIN. GARLHA;GLAKJSD;FKADSdssafd;l.
So much anger right now. I better draw something so it can be better than this crap.

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