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Ceryneian Hind

In Greek mythology, the Ceryneian Hind, also called Cerynitis or the Golden Hind, was an enormous hind (deer), who lived in Keryneia, Greece. It was sacred to Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt, animals and unmarried women. It had golden antlers like a stag and hooves of bronze or brass, and it was said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. The capture of the hind was one of the labors of Heracles

[ R U L E S ]
x ll please do not:
- resell/heavily reference from the adoptable/base.
- claim you made the original design/art nor upload it in your own account. (some exceptions)
- if it is an original specie, you may not change the given ear/tail/eye types.

✓ ll you can/must:
- trades & gifts are perfectly fine, as long as you tell me first.
- please credit me the first time you draw him/her.
- minor changes are permissible, including gender,
- feel free to give them a new wardrobe and/or hairstyle.
- please leave a credit if used in a project for profit/comic/etc.
- if it is an original specie of mine, please credit me for the species! a simple "Glass Tails (c) *PrinceProcrastinate" would be fine.
- I would love to see any art you draw/commission of them~<3 (optional)

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