Ares - god of war Picture

"Ares - the greek god of war.
Ares was the only legitmate son of Hera and Zeus, though he was despised by both parent.
He was the god of war, like his half-sister Athene, though she was the goddess of the strategic part of the war, whereas the bloodthirsty Ares represented the confuson and the voilent part.
Although the fearsome Ares was strong and fierce he got beated by loads of mortals, included Heracles & Diomedes, and he Ares had to leave the Trojan war, after getting wounded.
Ares twas not well liked by the citizen, and the worship was not very general; That might have been beacause he was one of the few gods who claimed human sacrifices [Artemis being the other].
He had a great amount of lovers, and even a greater number of offsprings, wherein the amazone warriors are his daughters.
The symbol of Ares was a spear and his animals could be a dog, but was most commonly seen as the vulture; the symbol of death, and forced to live of other creatures misery."


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Ares from the Ancient Greek Mythology
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