Greek Tragedy Picture

Another Rider picture named "Greek Tragedy," because Rider's true identity is Medusa, the Infamous Gorgon in Greek Mythology.
I put Rider in black because of she's mourning over her terrible past.

The servants with the really bad pasts are Rider, Caster, and Berserker, in my opinion.

Caster's husband left her and their children for a wealthy princess. Wanting to hurt her husband, Jason, she killed their two children and his new soon-to-be bride and father-in-law. (Medea.)

Berserker went mad and killed his children and wife and did the 12 labors. (Heracles/Herakles Hercules.)

And of course Rider was raped by Poisiden, the God of the Sea, inside Athena's temple. Athena and the rest of the Gods punished her for her "sin" by turning her hair into snakes. (Medusa.)
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