Series Artemis Picture

The fifth and possibly my favorite PRC auxiliary zords, The Lunar Divine Beast of Artemis, the Deer. It is said that the first bow was made from its fallen antlers. Artemis' color is silver and her symbol is a crescent moon. The Lunar Divine Beast forms A hunting skin, shoulderpads, quiver, and a bow and arrow for the megazord. The legs recede into the upper legs, and two form into one sholderpad. The antlers detach and merge to form the boy, and the remaining body forms the quiver. It shoots arrows of moonlight. there are only eight, though, one for every phase of the moon, aside from the finisher arrow. Once they run out of arrows, they have to fight with just the bow until the finisher.

The Beast belongs to Demi, who gains the abilities of Communication with Animals, enhanced skills in hunting(i.e. tracking, accuracy, etc.), and control of moonlight(she can shoot beams of it, create it on command, etc.). Demi summons the beast by pressing 1-2-9 on the I-phone and saying, "Lunar Divine Beast, Awaken". The Divine Beast Statue, located in the moonlit clearing of Demi's Nature Sanctuary(I figure that, when Demi gets the LDB, Olympy drastically changes. The way the lands are set up is [from left to right] Demi's Nature Sanctuary, Hayden's Underground Sanctuary, Zoe's Mountaintop Sanctuary, Poque's Seaside Sanctuary, and Afton's Garden Sanctuary. When she gets the LDB, the moon is permanently stationed above her sanctuary, so Her sanctuary is in constant midnight, Hayden's in dusk, Zoe's in Midday, Pogue's in early morning, and Afton's at Dawn. [This only strengthens when Afton gets the [Sun] permanently stationed over his]), comes to life. The Beast enters the real world through moonlight, so it would use the moon as a doorway. If it's during the daytime, they would see a silver flash on the horizon, and soon the Deer would come leaping into view. It combines with the other zords when Demi presses 1-2-5 and star.

Demi is a teacher of Indian Dance and Yoga at the local gym, sometimes holding her classes in The Colliseum as well. A contest is coming up as well, as a famous Bollywood star is visiting Lito Creek, and they are holding a contest to see who can perform the best and win a chance to be in one of the star's movies as a backup dancer. Everyone in town is excited about it, except for Demi. She knows the star personally, as they both grew up in Mumbai and he was her rival. He always had to do everything better, and then rub it in her face when he did. He always chalked it up to men doing things better, and that made Demi even more angry. Now that he became a Bollywood sensation, his ego and attitude hasn't really improved much. At first, Demi doesn't plan on entering, but when He spots her and says she shouldn't join, she may not win, she joins in spite just to show him He's wrong. She begins choreographic a dance she calls the Chandrakanta, or "Loved by the Moon". In the middle of her choreography, however, Hera summons her, telling her that there are several reports of Skellies in town, and the team is on their way. Turns out the Skellies are being led by a new monster, Actaeonox, and they're searching for something. During the fight, Demi catches a fleeting glimpse of silver and the clop of hooves. Actaenox yells at the Skellies to not let it get away, and the fight is over. Back at Olympy, Minnie does some research and tells the team that Actaenox was searching for the Godly Spirit of Artemis. Demi objects, saying that Artemis was a maiden Goddess, she could never have children. After pointing out that Athena was a maiden goddess as well, Minnie goes on to say that Artemis did indeed have no children, and therefore her spirit passed on to her most sacred of symbols--The Ceryneian Hind, a female deer with golden antlers of a stag. Now the team has to catch it, but legend has it that the Hind is faster than even the arrow can fly. Heracles had to chase it around for an entire year before capturing it. After trying everything, including Hayden's super-speed and the Megazord Series Hermes, Demi formulates a different approach. Doning her Costume for her Chandrakanta, a silver and white common Bollywood Dancer outfit, Demi waits for the moon to come out and begins the dance in the moonlight. She repeats it several times until the Hind approaches. It see Demi's elegant movements and believes it to be Artemis herself, and as such bows in Demi's presence. She pets the deer and Artemis' spirit is transferred into Demi. The deer then stands and morphs into a Divine Beast Statue, which will come to life to become the Lunar Divine Beast! The rangers beat Actaeonox just in time for Demi to enter the contest, and to the star's surprise she beats all the other competitors--men included--to win it!

The Finisher's title is called "Lunar Volley". If it isn't night already, the day darknes until it is a full moon with a starlit night. The Spirit of Artemis steps out of the megazord, holding up her bow and firing arrows connected to a net, which traps the monster in place. The spirit dissolves into a magnificent arrow and The megazord holds up its bow. "Lunar Volley!" The megazord pulls back the Artemis Arrow, aiming it at the moon. It shoot it into the moonlight, and then a thousandfold volley of moonlight arrows rain down on the monster, destroying it instantly.

Hope ya like! Next Up, the Solar Divine Beast! (^3~)b
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