H-240 Hind Picture

For concept art class end-of-term assignment. Assignment was to redesign the world and characters of the mythology of Heracles (Hercules). I redesigned it in a cyberpunk world.

For those of you who don't know, Heracles was forced to accomplish [twelve labors], one of which was to capture the [Ceryneian Hind], said to be so fast and agile that it can outrun arrows. Heracles must return the hind without harming it.

The cyberpunk take on this is that Heracles is a mercenary who takes on shifty jobs (variant of the twelve labors). A local drug lord hires Heracles to return one of his military-grade vehicles, the H-240 Hind attack gunship, from his weapons collection. Like the myth, he must recover it in tact.

This is the H-240 Hind that Heracles must recover.

(I am aware that there is already a military helicopter called the Hind; it is unrelated and did not influence this design.)
Photoshop 7 & CS3
This image/concept may not be used without explicit permission from me. Thanks!

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