Stymphalian Bird Picture

Stymphalian birds are demonic insect-like bird beasts that were spawned by the Great Demon God, Vultorturous. Hailing from the swamp Hell Realm of Stymphalia, these man eating birds are fierce creatures that ravage whatever stands in their way. Their beaks are made of a bronze-like material and their feathers are sharp and metallic. These they can fire out at victims with great accuracy aided by their single compound eye. They often live in hives made out of a paper-like pulp substance created by chewing and mixing wood, saliva, and the guts of their prey.

Stymphalian birds are a major bane as they attack and destroy anything that is in their way. They are extremely hard to tame and often escape from their whatever dark master, if not devour them. They are also extremely hard to kill due to their metallic hides. They are however weak against loud noises. Should a Stymphalian bird be blasted with a loud enough sound, it will momentarily fall to the ground dazed by the noise. While it is on the ground, there is just enough time for a quick decisive blow, usually as a stab at the unprotected compound eye, before the bird can fly back into the air.


*The design of the creatures was created first. Later, I decided to name them after the mythological birds as well as incorporate them with some details from the myth.
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