A. F. Gorguet Heracles and the Hydra Picture

Since when I was a child, I was always fascinated by mythology. If I have the chance I bought something related and a few years ago wasn't different. I found in a newsstand a Greek Mythology Magazine illustrated by the greatest world's artists, and one of them was A. F. Gorguet. This painting is amazing and for me has many hidden secrets, nowadays this painting is in the Louvre Museum.

I tried to achieve the same emotion and instead of trying to reproduce the frame like the original I thought that would be nice if I did use the ancient greek architecture and stunning landscape to create a huge building like the ancients monuments.

This is a Mixed Media, I painted it in 2010 with latex, gouache and use watercolor pencils for the details in a Canson A3 paper.

The middle is the reproduction of A. F. Gorguet's painting 1920.

I hope you like it!
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