Macaria Picture

This took me a total of three days, and now if I can just take three days for the next four I’ll be all set…deadlines suck, hating life right now. the good thing is I only have four more Greek myths to illustrate for my portfolio then I can take a break finally

But anyway

This is Macaria, daughter of Heracles. I remember afew years ago I read somewhere that Hades had a daughter, and something bad happened to her, but I didn’t know her name or more to her story, so I spent an entire class period googling her to try and find it out. (time well spent right there) And in my research I found that there are two girls in Greek myth by the name Macaria, Hades daughter, goddess of something to do with death, then there’s Heracles’s daughter. And Heracles’s daughter was actually the story I was looking for the whole time, not much goes on with Hades’s daughter from what I found xD

Macaria’s story in a nutshell:
She sacrificed herself to prevent her town from going to war.


Easiest summary i've ever done.

ok but there’s actually more if you care to know

She was sacrificed in a spring (hence the water) the spring was then named ‘Macarian’ in her honor, and from what I read they gave her a very ‘lavished’ funeral because of what she was doing, so I put in flowers to make it seem more…’lavished’….yeah…

Yeup. Pretty happy with how this came out….just not too sure about the water, when I was planning this it looked so much better in my head…
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