Herakles vs Hercules Picture

So, this is my first stamp. Its about one of my many pet peeves.

This bothers me all the freaking time. I read a book/watch a movie based on Greek Mythology and based in Greece and they say Hercules.


In short, please use Herakles when referring to Greek, Hercules when Roman. I don't really mind the Roman name, just as long as its used in Roman context. What I hate the most is when they make everything else Greek, the gods names, the place, then they use Hercules. Disney, I'm looking at you.

Their myths are different. The Greeks mainly had the tweleve labours of Herakles whilst the Romans had Hercules do different things, like stopping the the Sabines from doing human sacrifices.

Even though Rick Riordan is aweosme with PJO, he stuffed up on this one.

Percy and his mates call him Hercules whilst in The Lost Hero Jason says Herakles (although with a c). Which pissed me off for reasons I cannot explain lest I release a thousand spoilers into the world.

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