the mares of diomedes Picture

1st sketch for the 30 days of Greek mythological creatures.. I am so behind haha.

So here's how it will go, I will post a pic and give a little backstory to each. Why? Because Greek mythology is so darn interesting.

The mares of Diomedes were four wild, man-eating horses owned by, who else? Diomedes. Now, as part of one of the Twelve Labors, Heracles (you probably know him as Hercules) had to capture these horses. To do this he killed Diomedes and fed him to his own horses.. afterwards, the mares were calm enough for Heracles to successfully capture them and thus complete one of his labors.
That's gotta suck.
For Diomedes anyway.

And I didn't use references so don't hassle me about the anatomy. K and thanks.

.05 mech pencil
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox
Oh yeah, happy fourth!

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