The Mighty Heracles Picture

While totally geeking the frikk out about the TWO Hercules movies coming @ us nxt yr (HoorAAAAAY!!!!), I made 2 very important self discoveries: 1, I have actually, never drawn, my own version of the mighty Heracles, & 2, that that's ridiculous. He's 1 of my favorite characters EVER, & I should have drawn him a long time ago. I have decided 2 do a series of all his 12 labors (maybe 13, if u get my drift... eh? EH?). This is the reference I will b using. If u look closely, & u know wut 2 look 4, u will notice that his outfit iz made of trophies from his 12 (13) labors. The Pelt of the Nemean Lion, obviously, Hydra Scales & Teeth, the Stymphalians beak, the Hippolatian Girdle, etc. With that in mind, this will obviously b him more toward the END of the series. He will b much, MUCH simpler as the series starts out, & evolve over time. His hair I've decided will change randomly & according 2 how I think it would look in every situation. The labors did take him a number of years, after all, & sum of them took a considerable amount of time (he chased that DAMN DEER for over a year). Plenty of room for change in there
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