Father and Son, design Picture

Well, here is the design tests for upcoming character turn around, featuring Zeus and Son, Heracles..

in our universe Hercules is actually referred to by his original Greek Name.. Heracles!

so here we see Zeus with his tattoo of lightning across his chest.. this was marked when he acquired the power of lighting to fight his father Kronos..once he gained this ability from the Cyclops, his body just formed the tattoo.. Zeus's head is surrounded by a halo of light, and is emanating from his crown of Golden Laurel leaves.

Zeus also sports the Omega and Alpha symbol on his belt.. which is kinda a dual purpose, he is the end and the beginning of all things Greek in their mythology.. and like a battery that needs to have a negative and positive charge for the power to flow.. (I found this fitting since he has the power of the thunderbolt)

Heracles has a lion's head on his shoulder cape which is attached to a sash which stretches to his belt, this sash covers the claw scars he received during his 12 labors..penance for his accidental role in the death of his earthen family..

Zeus is about 10 to 10.5 feet tall.. Heracles is about 6'1.
Zeus can resize his body, but generally stands about this tall..

the technical term for the race of Gods are called Aesir (1 step above angels), their designation would then be Olympians and Norse, etc..etc..
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