WIP: Cerberus Picture

Ok, so I decided I needed to do some custom pictures for my custom colors. (on VHR) Cerberus, was one of my first colours that I had gotten. This will be moved to scraps soon...

Information on Cerberus:
In Greek mythology, the dog was portrayed having fifty or hundred heads but was later pictured with only three heads (and sometimes with the tail of a serpent). Cerberus permitted new spirits to enter the realm of dead, but allowed none of them to leave. Only a few ever managed to sneak past the creature, among which Orpheus, who lulled it to sleep by playing his lyre, and Heracles, who brought it to the land of the living for a while (being the last of his Twelve Labors).

Now, this pic isn't of a three headed dog, but of a three headed horse, because this is for VHR.. And I rather like the idea of a three headed horse. Don't you? I just like the background, and I'm done.. I'm really going to hard extra hard on the b/g so that maybe one day, its good enough for prints. We'll see.. Enjoy for now..

Art copyrighted SheWolfGeo
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