Cerberus Picture

Twelfth of 12

Cerberus "Capture Cerberus"

Power: Cerberus is the strongest of the 12 for one single reason, He is inmortal. Cerberus is a Lich, and so, his soul is guarde somewhere outside his body, this transform him into an undead, deathless skeleton, with incredible strenght. Also, he can control the souls of the deads and steal the ones of the livings.

Weapon: "Nidhogg"- A bone-loonking whip, with sharpened edge and little razors knives, also it has a blade in the tip. This whip can get all togheter to form a large sword/spear. Named after the mythological corpse-eating zombie snake dragon.

Weakness: The only way to kill him, is locating his soul and destroying ir. But it is hiden in the underworld.

Finaly!!! the last one

I'm going to make little related more thing, and I'll finish my 12 labors monster nOn

hope you like it.
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