no one will believe you Picture

just experimenting with a new style. it's just a sketch, which i may move to scraps later. i was bored and felt like drawing something. i was thinking of doing the modern Trojan War, and this was gonna be Cassandra. i always pictured her as slightly goth-ified. still dont know about it tho.

Also known as Alexandra, was a daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy whose beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy (or, more correctly, prescience). However, when she did not return his love, Apollo placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. In an alternative version, she spent a night at Apollo's temple with her twin brother Helenus, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future. This is a recurring theme in Greek mythology, though sometimes it brings an ability to understand the language of animals rather than an ability to know the future.

Apollo loved Cassandra, and when she did not return his love, he cursed her so that her gift would become a source of endless pain and frustration (nobody would believe her). In some versions of the myth, this is symbolized by the god spitting into her mouth; in other Greek versions, this act was sufficient to remove the gift so recently given by Apollo, but Cassandra's case varies. From the play Agamemnon, it appears that she made a promise to Apollo to become his consort, but broke it, thus incurring his wrath.

After the Trojan War, she sought shelter in the temple of Athena, where she was raped by Ajax the Lesser. Cassandra was then taken as a concubine by King Agamemnon of Mycenae.
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