Uranus Picture

Named after the Greek God of the Heavens and the Sky. His mother and wife was Gaia. Together, they raised many children (See my piece named Gaia for more details.). He was horrified by his children, the Cyclopedes and Hecatoncheires, that he hid them in Tarturus, deep inside the Earth, causing Gaia intense pain. She was in such pain that she asked the Titans to castrate their father so she wouldn't give birth to any more monstrous children, but only the one named Cronus took the job. Gaia gave Cronus an adamantine sickle and when the sky came to lay with the earth, Cronus did as he was told. From the blood that fell from the wound to the sea, the giants and the nymphs were born. Cronus threw the remains to the sea, producing a white foam from which the goddess of love and lust, Aphrodite, was born.
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