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Here is the journal in which I saved a longer version of the history of the game, no there is no story line as of yet in that journal, but there are spoilers [link]

So, here I am, neglecting life, reality, and possibly friends even. Suffice to say, all of these aren't art. The bad thing is, this is going to be my first time attempting to find someone to help me do the art, because I fail epically at art. Call it what you want, but here's what I'm looking for are:

Face sets as shown from the art. Essentially, each face is about 1 inch long and the best layout would be 385x193 pixels. You don't have to make a face set with all the different faces. A face set containing one normal expression face for each character would be helpful. Also, you don't have to put the faces in the format. I'll just somehow manage that on my own, you creating the art is good enough for me.

For any spriters out there, there are some models for you if you wish to mess around with them or help out. I essentially attempted to create the sprites as close as the face pictures as possible, so you may either have to simply fix the hair or do the entire face over again, or perhaps start from scratch.

I would also like to use full-body or higher-than-the-waist pictures of each character separately.

Here are the character descriptions as well

Kyoya is the one with red hair. As you can see from his face, he has some type of marking on his left side of his cheek. Essentially, I wanted to created a phoenix on his cheek, but the program I used wasn't that open. So, I went with something basic. The reason for this is because this is his marking as a Vindicator, a major role in a game. Kyoya has two red eyes, but they have a different pupil/iris (forget which one it is) color. If you have trouble seeing, here is the explanation: While both eyes are red, one pupil is black and the other is blue. Kyoya is a powerful magi who wears plate armor, but uses it with ease. His armor, as seen in the sprite, is black and red, also carrying a mask to cover his face. The hairband was optional, but I didn't to put it because without it, Kyoya looked more feminine. Kyoya is taller than Lenali, but shorter than Hecaton. Kyoya is often seen as a serious type, but can loosen up when the situation fits. Kyoya uses two great swords that he can easily hold in one hand, allowing him to dual wield. The two great swords are called 'Redemption', a white great sword with a heavenly appearance and 'Salvation', an evil-looking sword that bears black metal as the blade and emits a dark aura.

Hecatoncheires, or Hecaton for short, is an angel because of the wings on his back make it obvious. Hecaton does not wear a halo and I don't plan on giving angels halos in the game. Hecaton wears different armor, usually wearing three types: Clothes, Light and Plate armor. Hecatoncheires in greek mythology was a multi-handed creature with 100 hands and 50 heads(?). These two characters are related simply by Hecaton's (angel) mastery over all sorts of weaponry. Hecaton is usually seen as a bored angel who wants to do something new all the time, but takes in a serious business attitude. Hecaton was meant to have tealish-light blue hair and dark blue eyes. He is taller than both Kyoya and Lenali. Hecaton, being a master of all weapons, is often seen carrying at least one type of each weapon: Sword, Spear, Bow, Blunt, etc.

Lenali is the most average of the three. Lenali is the shortest of the three. Lenali is a normal human until Kyoya came. She was first seen as cheerful and kind, until the Angels came and began to purge her world in order to kill Kyoya. Lenali was trained by Kyoya to become a vindicator, but she only made it through a tenth of the training. Later on, she is seen as serious and to the point, bearing a hatred towards Angels, including Hecaton even though he is a helping hand in her quest. Lenali has long blond hair and sharp blue eyes. She has a crystal on the back of her right hand. She is seen as a gun mage, using guns that amplify her magical powers.

And in addition, I am looking/attempting to create a game title screen. The game is called 'And Vindicated, We Are'. I am thinking about having the three characters with their backs facing each other. Lenali is attempting to hold the three of them together, but is suffering because she fails her quests in both body and mind. Her quest to avenge the angels ended in regret as the true nature of Kyoya revealed itself, and her quest to keep the three companions together failed as Kyoya pushed them away. Hecaton has a bored look on his face, but he cares about what happens to his two companions, especially Lenali, considering how she was used as a pawn in Kyoya's evil plan. He has his arms crossed, but his elbows are reaching towards Lenali's hand and only a step away from her. Kyoya, as stated before, has his back turned entirely towards his companions. He is a fair three feet away from the main group as he stares off into a distant mountain, where there, lying on top is a green orb that gathered the souls of the dead. He has his arms out to reach out to it, but his hands seek to destroy it. Behind the group is a canyon that separates two united kingdoms, one of heroic-looking proportions, while the other of demonic, cruelty. The clouds represent a coming storm that is sure to cause chaos.

Here are the other characters:

Kyoya Sprite: [link] [link]

Hecaton Face Set: [link]

Hecaton Sprite: [link]

Lenali Face Set: [link]

Lenali Sprite: [link]

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