Sketch Dump ver. 2009 pt. 1 Picture

hay guyz. sorry for the large file D:

so yeah, a sketch dump of all of my (decent) drawings done within the past couple of months...

starting at the top, going left to right:
A couple of made-up birds. still not finished, and most likely never will be finished.
An early character of mine, Aero. He's a doctor. And I drew his hair backwards (totally by accident. I haven't drawn him in forever)
Another early character of mine, Rehn (pronounced like "Ren"). He's Aero's best friend and his most frequent patient. Rehn has a kind of immuno-deficiency (probably Epstein-Barr, but I haven't really decided yet).
And another early character, but for a separate storyline. Kwan is kinda the "forced bodyguard" for a spoiled prince named Gaeton (a very effeminate young man, always acting very gay by complete accident).
Jinwei is the newest character on this sketch dump. Actually, I believe he's my newest character all together. I designed him earlier this month, to be precise. He's a born mute, born without vocal cords (but still has the false vocal cords. still doing research on this (probably non-existent) condition).
"Jin" Weihu is a pretty minor character, but still fairly important to my "Pseudo-China" storyline (no title as of yet). He's in a mercenary group along with two others, Bai and Anon. He also has a prosthetic left arm.
To relieve my bordom, I designed a nurse's outfit for my "Pseudo-China" storyline. It's not important at all, but it gave me something to do :3
A rough sketch of an outfit for my character Shuzi. He's a plotting asshole, and one of the primary villains in the "Pseudo-China" story.
Next up, the dragon and bird. I haven't designed an official dragon character yet, but that bird guy is a minor key character in the "Pseudo-China" plot. The dragon people (probably called "Long") are a major rival of the bird people ("Peng," after the mythological giant birds of China). The royal family of the Peng are phoenixes, and the Peng in this sketch is the second son in the royal family.
Baizhi is a torturer in the "Pseudo-China" plot. He's very cruel and will always point out things to emotionally hurt a person. He's a sadist with a masochistic (incestuous) younger sister. Though he's cruel, he plays the pipa beautifully.
Xiurong is another key villain in the "Pseudo-China" plot. She uses people to no end, and eventually causes the death of at least 2 main characters.
A slightly dressed-up Huojin. Mostly for my benefit to try out a new style of Peng. He's probably addressing the council or something
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