Union of Nirvana Santi Picture

Humans counterpart, the Infanti, have human appearance apart from the muscle development being reversed, where female are naturally more muscular and males are slender. They are natural enemies although their ideals seem to be similar. This gender war has caused many skirmishes between the two species. They are very resourceful and since siding with the UoNS (Union of Nirvana Santi) they have since acquired the funds to further develop themselves. Although they have no homeworld to call their own, they can often be found on Malthistus.

The first allies of the humans, the Yarf are highly advanced humanoid creatures, often at odds with the Felinx and Kanathra, they are known being quite snobby. Upon first encounter with humans, the dissimilar physical features amused them, the lack of large ears, tail and large hands and feet seemed quirky and queer. This amusement was short lived as humans quickly rose to power.

Since the aggressive and dishonourable dethronement of the Yarf by Humanity, they have often been seen instigating major syndicates and organisations. Their diversity and cunning are well known, and their long term memory is legendary, making them formidable enemies.

The Mudais are a versatile group of "gremlins". Small in their size, it makes tinkering far more convenient than that of other races. Unlike the Vaul, their culture is less based around profit and more about self satisfaction. The Mudais are free spirits and can be very unpredictable, often known for making unrealistic or potentially fatal alterations to gadgets and machinery on a whim. Although despised by Primus and Vaul, they have made long term allies with many of the more dominant species, namely the Yarf. They represent a very carefree and almost innocent outlook on life which can be evidently seen in many of their "masterworks."

Ima are one of the primary residents of the moons of Var. A race born, bred and trained for war, they have been at odds with the Felinx and the Kanathra. Known for their fixation on honour and loyalty, they make for one of the best allies and potentially the deadliest foes. Dubbed as "Vokudu" or Samurai, the Ima, although often born on Obuloa, are bound to a master by the age of 7 and serve as their personal bodyguard thereafter.

The Ghadu were the first species on earth and despise humans for existing upon what they call "holy ground", Gorgans known from mythology were long ago hunted and killed leaving humans to rule supreme. They are very vain, proud creatures who upon evacuation of earth,
they drifted in neighboring galaxies with its sister species known to humans as, "Harpies" and "Muses". They interbred and soon became a far superior species called the Ghadu, a Nomadic tribe. Their soul dream is to one day take back earth, by any means necessary. They represent knowledge and righteous vengeance. Through the millenias, their species maintained unleavened knowledge of the universe and the ancients that once claimed its stars... and their end.
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