Cavern Commotion Page 3 Picture

Next up, the next page of Cavern Commotion! Here, the mystery creature gets revealed... after he crashes down and causes a minor earthquake (if it wasn't obvious...). So now, let me introduce everyone...
First, we've got Duster the Dragon. Beneath her eye close-up, we've got Ekelec the Shapeshifter then Dalphi the Harpy. If we then go back all the way to the left, you'll see Zuma the Narasimha (lion-man, basicaly. Oh, and I know his ear is cut off... It took a lot of work to get this done.) and Tauph the Werepuppy with Obbi the young Dragoness (she's not the usual dragon, just so you know...) under them. The last of Duster's friends we've got here are the black Ken (who's impressed with the size of the "lizard") and his whiter friend Jo (who isn't as impressed but is much more freaked out), both of which are creatures called Kesaran-parasan (yes, it's a long name...). Oh, and the identity of the creature... It's called a lindworm. It's like a dragon, but it lacks wings and a pair of legs.
Anyways, what'll happen next? What will the lindworm do? Will they escape? Why isn't Ken or Tauph freaked out like msot of the others? Will I ever stop asking questions? ...Yes. Anyways, I own the idea behind this, so don't say you do. Before you ask, though, I didn't make up any of the creatures. All are from mythology from different places. Either way, I hope you like it, even though I know there are mistakes.
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