Boreo Wind Picture

Name: Boreo Asterix Wind
Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Profession: College student of meteorologhy/Olympic Patrol "Epsilon" Division
Likes: Ice Cream, Hockey, Reading of Mythology (Ancient Greek), Make puns with Winter, Many things related with winter
Dislikes: Hot tubs, Summer, Being called "Ice Heart", Anything hot
Personal Quote: "In the battle, you've always need to have the brain frozen"

Boreo has born as only son of Bapthist and Eloise Wind, at the age of 9, he is being tutored by his father (A Former Boreas Agent and an descendant of the Greek North Wind God, Boreas) to be a new Boreas Agent, but he loses it at the age of 14 after Boreo's father tried to perform "North's Blizzard" the most powerful thecnique that Boreas' blood can perform.

After he ended high school, he wanted to study Meteorology, he recieved a scolarship in Elysius University in New York, he is friend of descendants of the other Greek Wind Gods: Norman Teach, descendant of Notus. Eunice Railing, descendant of Eurus and Zephyra Summer, descendant of Zephyr and Boreo's crush.

As angents of the Olympic Patrol, their job is to defend the world of mythological menaces of the world like gorgons, harpies and more, well that's what is suppossed to do because the Alpha Divison (descendant of the Olympic Gods) get all the good misions and treat the other lesser divisions like their slaves, but Boreo will not be seen angry because like his father said to him "Always keep your will frozen"

Boreo's personality is basically cold and sarcastic, but he many times can laugh of puns made with snow and stuff, he is not amused too easily because he "seen many things, many unusal things on my life" he only can melt his heart with his friends, specially Zephira

Like a descendant of Boreas, he can manipulate the ice and snow, can freeze any object in his near and turn himself into ice, but he is intolerant to fire attacks, also he can turn into a cloudy state to pass through solids and evelope his enemies in a mist, another ability he posess is turn his body into liquid, but he prefers use it few times, his signature attack is "Boreas' Shell" who can he turn himself into an ice drill and pass through the enemies to freeze them completely

He likes to use parkas, scarfs and cold season clothes because he can't feel the heat too well for a hypothalam disorder (is normal in the Boreas' descendants).

Boreo Wind, Olympic Patrol (c) OP61
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