The Ant Buggy Picture

Ok, if you've checked out The Harpy, then you know Cecilia feels responsible for the death of someone. Well, this creature gives away who's death she feels responsible for.

Jeremy Austin Walker, her young son, died one night of unexplainable causes. Passed over as SIDS, the murder in the end caused other mothers and fathers to look at Cecilia in disgust, or at least, that's how she felt. Feeling that she should have been able to prevent her son's death, she often spies this creature in Silent Hill taking off with young students.

I got the idea from two fairytales from different origins. First, the celtic fairytale of "Moorchildren" or "Changlings." Fairies would exchange children for a doll or a stick of wood with a spell on it. But when I thought "Fairy" I couldn't think anything terribly scarey for Cecilia to meet... and the point of the Ant Buggy is not to be fought and defeated... but more on that later... I remembered that there is a religion in Asia that believes that their ancestors were born as ants, which were classified as a type of fairy. Putting these two ideas together, I came up with a monster suitable for our teacher friend to see as the demon carrying off her students.

((Cecilia is a history teacher, and would be familiar with both of these fairytales/mythologies))
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